Music Learning Outcomes

For its students, the Music Department will

  • Foster curiosity, critical thinking, intellectual discovery, and problem-solving by developing creative skills (performing, composing, interpreting) alongside academic skills (analytical listening, reading, and research; eloquent writing and speaking)
  • Provide students with a healthy balance of breadth and depth in their learning about music
  • Develop a foundation of knowledge and skills (theory/aural, performance technique, repertory, historical/cultureal/intellectual context) that allows students to engage with music fluently and consider each new encounter with musical ideas against a broad backdrop of experiences gained previously in their music coursework
  • Foster a lively interest in and some knowledge of diverse fields of music study
    • launch some student in top-tier graduate programs in music
    • launch some students in careers related to music
  • Develop the ability to discover parallels, connections, and relationships between music and other disciplines
  • Foster a life-long engagement with music that is richer and deeper than it would have been without studying music at Grinnell