Physics Learning Outcomes

  • An appreciation for physics as a predictive, quantitative science governing the physical aspects of the world around us
  • Familiarity with basic techniques of analyzing classical physical systems

For Majors:

  • Increased sophistication in the analysis of classical physics
  • Familiarity with applications of modern physics
  • A basic facility with the craft of physics
  • Adequate preparation for further study in physics or engineering or for meaningful careers utilizing their study of physics

Physics Writing Outcomes

Grinnell Physics Majors demonstrate their abilities to

  1. Effectively maintain research notebooks or other documentation of research efforts or outcomes
  2. Locate, evaluate, and effectively use primary and secondary sources
  3. Work collaboratively to produce texts (e.g. written solutions, posters, or presentations)
  4. Produce writing in different common disciplinary genres (i.e. posters, journal articles, presentations) with awareness of purpose, audience, and conventions
  5. Correctly and effectively use tools such as graphs, tables, images, and equations to communicate ideas and results