Psychology Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the natural science approach to the study of behavior.
  • To understand the principles of behavior and their application.
  • To understand contextual variation in behavior.
  • To understand the interplay between theory and data.
  • To acquire competence in laboratory and library research.
  • To acquire competence in statistical analysis and interpretation of data.
  • To acquire competence in the communication of psychological knowledge.
  • To acquire competence in the use of psychology-related technology.
  • To understand the ethics of psychological research and practice.
  • To productively engage in collaboration with others.

Psychology Writing Outcomes

The College learning goal about communication: students develop the ability to communicate clearly and persuasively in various modes for various purposes and audiences.

The Department learning goal about communication: to acquire competence in the communication of psychological knowledge.

Specific goals for writing in the discipline:

  • The student selects a topic in the discipline of psychology.
  • The student establishes a clear thesis, argument, or question to be answered.
  • The student presents clear and convincing evidence in support of the thesis or argument or to answer the question.
  • The student makes effective use of the conventions of the discipline, including the style of the American Psychological Association, to produce writing that is clear and easy to understand.