Spanish Learning Outcomes

Spanish majors will develop skills in the following areas

Critical Thinking:

  • Synthesize ideas from primary & secondary (critical & theoretical) texts.
  • Assume full responsibility for following and contributing to the exchange of ideas in discussions spanning multiple class meetings.
  • Master discipline-specific norms of argumentation and evaluate one’s own & others’ ideas with respect to them.
  • Relate course content to issues of concern across linguistic, cultural & disciplinary boundaries.

Cultural Competence:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the historical, social, political, cultural & intellectual contexts that give rise to varied forms of cultural expression.
  • Make informed connections between these contexts and those informing one’s own work as a scholar and citizen.

Information Literacy:

  • Learn where & how to locate contextual knowledge needed to achieve an informed reading of discipline-specific primary texts.
  • Locate, evaluate & incorporate multiple secondary texts in at least one piece of researched writing using discipline-specific databases, research methods & standards of citation.