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Internships allow students to integrate classroom theory with career-related professional work experience. The Rosenfield Program provides funding to 10 or more students each summer to pursue internships worldwide, focusing on issues of public affairs, international relations, or human rights.

Grinnell College students interested in applying for a Rosenfield Program summer internship grant should follow the guidelines and procedures devised by the Center for Careers, Life and Service (CLS).

2015 Rosenfield Program Internships

Meredith Carroll
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Pittsburgh, PA
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is a newspaper covering the Pittsburgh area that is known for its investigative reporting. Meredith worked with the social media team to post articles, analyze web traffic, and update blogs.
Vincent Benlloch
The Centre for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies
Belgrade, Serbia
The Centre for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies (CANVAS) is a non-profit organization based in Belgrade, Serbia, that encourages the use of strategic nonviolent political activism and creates accessible resources that can be used by citizens to challenge repressive political regimes. CANVAS has effected political change across the globe, helping to train activists who participated in the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, and the ousting of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. Vincent was a researcher and analyst for CANVAS, helping with their current aims in the Middle East.

Teodora Cakarmis
Negotiating Team for the Accession of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union
Belgrade, Serbia.  Serbia is not a part of the European Union, but has formed a European Integration Office that is responsible for coordinating and managing the negotiations over Serbia’s accession to the EU. Teodora was involved with communication between the negotiating groups, the member states of the EU, other states seeking accession, and all other relevant institutions. She also helped to write, translate, and edit the documents used in the negotiations, and focused her time on the organization of meetings and on research and logistical assistance for the negotiating team.
Anne Casey

Challenging Heights
Accra, Ghana
Challenging Heights is an organization that works to end child slavery and trafficking in Ghana. Their work includes the rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of children who have been trafficked (mostly from the fishing industry). They also work to create community awareness in order to prevent the perpetuation of child slavery and the factors that promote it. As a teaching assistant intern, Anne spent most of her time working with the children in the rehabilitation center. This included assisting the teacher with lesson plans as well as developing creative play opportunities for the students.
Alethea Cook
LEAP201 Philanthropy
LEAP201 Philanthropy is a Singapore-based non-profit organization that aims to reduce poverty in Indochina by empowering rural populations to increase their earnings capacity and become self-reliant. As an intern at LEAP201, Alethea assisted in the grant management process for LEAP201’s active and pipeline projects. She also presented research on current development issues in Cambodia and Myanmar, and assisted the communications team in tracking social media analytics, maintaining various social media accounts, and launching LEAP201’s newsletter.
Daniel Davis
Trans Women of Color Collective
Washington D.C
The Trans Women of Color Collective is an advocacy group which works for the visibility and rights of trans people of color, especially women. The organization seeks to create safe spaces for trans and gender-non-conforming people of color, working on self-care, education, and community-building. Daniel was the executive assistant to Lourdes Ashley Hunter, the executive director of TWOCC. His work mainly focused around event planning, financial management, calendar coordination, and associate relations.
Patrick Dowd
AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts
Cambridge, MA
AIDS Action is an organization that works directly with individuals to limit the environmental risks that allow HIV to spread. Utilizing a harm reduction model, AIDS Action provides educational resources to help people protect themselves and others from infection, while also distributing materials like condoms and clean needles. Patrick worked in the organization’s Cambridge office as a needle exchange Intern. He spent his days in the drop-in center where he connected  people to educational resources as well as cleaned materials for IV drug users.
Kahlil Epps
U.S. Attorneys Office D.C.
Washington, D.C.
The United States Attorneys Office for the District of Columbia serves as both the local and federal prosecutor for Washington, DC, handling a wide variety of crimes—from drug offenses and murder to financial fraud and terrorism. The office also represents the United States in federal civil cases. Kahlil helped the office’s lawyers in their work.
Carley Kleinhans

State Senator Chris Larson’s Office (D)
Madison, WI
Chris Larson is a Democrat state senator who represents South Milwaukee and some of the suburbs of Milwaukee, including Cudahy, Oak Creek, and St. Francis. Carley’s duties included drafting constituent letters, conducting policy research, note-taking at meetings, summarizing legislation, writing newsletters, and assisting with daily office operations.
Dana Lindenberg
Prison Justice League
Austin, TX
The Prison Justice League is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve conditions in the Texas prison system through litigation and advocacy. As the group’s human rights intern, Dana helped compile reports about various human and civil rights abuses faced by prisoners in Texas, and interviewed prisoners in various institutions. Dana also assisted other staff members as they tried to address human rights concerns through lobbying and litigation.
Samuel McDonnell
The Heartland Alliance, Marjorie Kovler Center
Chicago, IL
The Marjorie Kovler Center seeks to serve individuals recovering from the consequences of torture. The Kovler Center provides medical, mental health, and social services, and also advocates for the end of torture worldwide. Samuel will be involved in case management at the Kovler Center, which means he helped clients to schedule appointments with medical and mental health doctors and to get to their appointments by public transportation. Sam also helped clients with the paperwork needed to apply for asylum and to find housing and employment.
Annette Mokua
Kisii, Kenya
MPANZI is a non-governmental organization established in rural Kenya to empower women who have been victims of domestic violence. It does so by encouraging collaboration, for example by initiating a savings scheme that will allow micro-enterprise. MPANZI also works to mitigate conflict between the Kisii and Maasai ethnic communities. Annette assisted the village coordinators on a variety of programs, including organizing weekly meetings, keeping books on the micro-credit and savings program, promoting educational programs, and visiting villages to write reports and monitor projects.


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