Identities: Race, Religion, Gender, and Nation

Courses that address notions of identity and the dynamics of inclusion/exclusion as their central category of analysis
(see the catalog for details)

  • ART 295 – Gender, Race, and Fashion in Western Portraiture
  • ENG 230 – English Historical Linguistics
  • ENG 310 – Studies in Shakespeare
  • ENG 323 – Studies in English Literature: 1660–1798
  • ENG 327 – The Romantics
  • ENG 332 – The Victorians
  • ENG 337 – The British Novel I
  • ENG 346 – Studies in Modern Prose
  • FRN 304 – French Civilization II: Revolutions and Identities
  • FRN 305 – Contemporary Francophone Culture
  • GRM 303 – Core Seminar II: German Identity Through Wars and Reconciliations
  • GRM 350 – Contested Subjects: German Culture from Avant–Garde to Postmodernism
  • SOC 295 – Race, States, and Science

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