Senior Research Projects


  • Zachary Ellington “A Tale of Two Psychologies: Difficulties in Defining The Science of Consciousness” (Lopatto, Valentin)
  • Nelson Goering “From Wulfila to Theodoric the Great: The Revisions of the Gothic Gospels” (Dobbs, Arner, Barber)
  • Sarah Packard “Lost in Translation: Problems that Arise from Translating Chinese into English” (Cook, French)
  • Cecelia Wolter “A History of Czech and Czech School in Cedar Rapids” (Armstrong, French)


  • Josephine Seff "Language Use in an Explicitly Queer Friendly Environment: An Examination of Topic Changes, Interruptions and the Use of 'Like'" (French, Valentin
  • Ian Atha "Regional Variation of Urban Ling" (French, Stone) 
  • Laura Piñeiro

       "Quebec and Hong Kong: Language choice in multilingual societies" (Valentin, Cook)


  • Molly Kratz "Spatial distribution of nationalism and language use within contemporary Wales" (Caulkins, French
  • Erica Reavis "The Effects of Cognitive, Social, and Emotional Development in New Therapies: Beyond Communication in Children with Autism" (Gibson, French


  • Bristol Ivy "Sex Education: Gender socialization and Performance through the Discourse of Homeschoolers." (French, Valentin
  • Mary Powell "Crafting family: performing forever in international adoptive children's literature" (French, Herold


  • Benjamin Hillel Baker "The Evolution of Personal Pronouns from Late Latin to Modern French or 'Les pronoms personnels, q** en a besoin?'(Herold, Phillips, Gross)
  • Rachel Braver "Arabic Influence in Mozarabic Writings: A Study of the Mozarabic Jarchas" (Valentin, Herold,)
  • Catherine Geddes "Signing God's Praises: Religious Vocabulary in American Sign Language" (Herold, Gibson)
  • Adam Lake "Epistemology across the Social and Physical Sciences: Language and the Process of Knowledge in Biochemistry and Anthropology" (Fennell, French)
  • Anna Loers "Syntactic Variations in Russian French, 1770-1830" (Herold, French)


  • Katie Kiskaddon "Synesthesia and Language: Linguistics Shows its True Colors" (Gibson, Herold)
  • Kyle Marquardt "Language and Politics in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan: A Theoretical Approach" (Herold, Grey) Kyle won both a Watson and Fulbright, but took up the Watson with a project titled "The People's Fate: Language and Politics in Three Turkic States; Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan," which was a direct expansion of his senior LIN thesis.


  • Jillian B. Caly "Neurological Evidence for Subtypes of Dyslexia" (Gibson, Rempel-Clower
  • Emma Kelty "Colorless Green Ideas Duermen Furiosamente: Universal Grammar and its Implications for Second Language Acquisition" (Gibson, Herold)
  • David Lineal "Towards a Grammar of Sign Systems" (FrenchFennell)
  • Paul Heider "Functional Illiteracy: Using Computational Analysis to Extract Linguistic Data'' (Stone, Herold)
  • Sara Eilert "A Reading of Sarah Kofman's Nietzsche and Metaphor" (DeArmitt, Herold)
  • Jenna Conley "The Development of the German Definite and Indefinite Articles: Analyzing their Early Appearances in Gothic and Old High German Texts" (Dobbs, Barber)
  • Abby Spears "E wigres e darz: Old English Elements in the Chanson de Roland" (Dobbs, D. Gross)
  • Coco Downey "Approaching a Formally-Based Typology of Language" (Herold, Cook) Coco won a Fulbright to carry on a project "Instruction of Russian as a Second Language," in which she studied the instruction of Russian to Chinese and English native speakers at the Herzen Institute in St. Petersburg, an institution known for its instruction of foreign speakers of Russian.


  • Patrick Midtlyng "'Snow is white': Logical form as linguistic universal: An analysis of four languages'' (Stone, Fennell


  • Aimee Hutton "Minimal Pairs in Sign Language: A Comparison of American Sign Language and Russian Sign Language" (Herold, Gibson)
  • Kristina Kvarnlov-Leverty "A Modern Tower of Babel?: Recent European Language Politics and Dialect in German Schools" (Herold, Stone)
  • Ania Mikos "The History and Usage of the Instrumental Case in Polish" (Herold, Dobbs)


  • Sara Jensen "Transcribing Previously Unwritten Languages: An Andean Case Study" (Herold, Dobbs,)
  • Erin Brandel "The So-called Poetic Language of Medieval Germany: The Myth and Reality of Supraregional Assimilation in Medieval German Literature" (Dobbs, Barber)


  • Mckenzie L. Morse ``Archeological evidence for the homeland of the proto-Indo-Europeans'' (Armstrong,.........) 


  • Amber Jean Gaddy ``Extra strength: a look at the difficulties and possibilities of a poetics of advertising'' (Armstrong,............) 
  • Kathryn C. Russell ``You say tu3 dou4, I say kam-ja: a phonological comparison of Chinese and Korean'' (Stone, Cook) 


  • Emily Gail Hart `` `Do cats eat bats? Do bats eat cats? It didn't matter much which way she said it' ... but does it matter which way she signed it? The issue of sign order in American Sign Language syntax'' (Armstrong,........) 


  • Sara Rebecca Dhuse ``Writing styles on Notesboards: interactional features of men and women'' (Gibson, Stone) 
  • Amy Elizabeth Jarnberg ``True love blossomed on the showroom floor with a set of beefy tires: gender and language in print advertising'' (Armstrong, Bell) 
  • Julie Claire Poelchau `` `Où est la poste?': asking the French for directions'' (Bell/Dobbs, Armstrong


  • Miranda J. Kussmaul ``Apfel, 'Say 'Apfel': The Sociolinguistics Between Swiss German and Standard German by the Children of Ademanic Switzerland." (Bell/Dobbs, Barber


  • Guenever E. A. Gifford ``Is this the stuff Popeye eats?: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Grinnell Supermarket Speech'' (Bell, Dobbs, Magnus) 


  • Eva-Lise Carlstrom "Better Living through Language: The Communicative Implications of a Text-only Virtual Environment, or, Welcome to LambdaMoo!'' (Magnus, Bell) 


  • Norma Catalina Mendoza-Denton "How Do We Know What is in the Mind?: The Interpretation of Linguistic Data and its Implications for Theory Construction in Cognitive Science." (Magnus, Bell)

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