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The best way to understand a campus is to see the students who are living there. Our student interns are just a sample of the Grinnell population—take a look at what experiences they have had so far during their Grinnell careers.

Senior Interviewers

Want to ask a question of a specific senior interviewer listed below? Send an email to with your question and the name or names of the students you want to ask it to, and our current students will be happy to answer!

  • Nolan Boggess

    Nolan Boggess

    Hometown: Des Moines, IA

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Theatre & Dance

    Extracurriculars: Theatre & Dance productions, Theatre & Dance SEPC, Student Musical Theatre, Infinite Coincidence (long form improv), Queer Mentorship Program

    Research: Studied the history of the liberal arts in Spain, Italy, and Mexico through the Global Learning Program; performed in a Theatre & Dance MAP in Taiwan; directed two musical theatre productions as research; and conducted research in Performance Studies and Anthropology through seminars

    Off-Campus Study: Global Learning Program in Italy, Spain, and Mexico (Spring 2016) and Grinnell In London (Fall 2018)

    Why I love Grinnell: Being from Iowa, I could not imagine there could be a place like Grinnell College. Every student here is from a completely different background than me, which has allowed me to learn new perspective and make friends from all over the world. Even though we come from all over the map, everyone here is a true Grinnellian with a desire to learn, connect, and explore. All of this creates an incredible, interconnected school in the midst of corn and more corn.

  • Alyssa DeBella

    Alyssa DeBella

    Hometown: Addison, VT

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Religious Studies/Political Science/Peace and Conflict Studies Concentration

    Extracurriculars: Religious Studies SEPC member, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee member, EcoHouse resident, volunteer at Iowa Farm Sanctuary

    Research: Asylum Protection Center in Belgrade, Serbia (Fall 2017), Public Opinion and Political Behavior seminar (Spring 2018)

    Off-Campus Study: Peace and Conflict Studies in Serbia, Bosnia, - Herzegovina, and Kosovo (Fall 2017)

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the individually advised curriculum at Grinnell because it led me to discover my passion for Religious Studies and Political Science, and how the study of Peace and Conflict connects them. I have felt holistically supported at Grinnell through academic advising, career exploration, graduate school searches, intentional residential communities, the alumni network, and the engaged student body. I’m excited to share what I’ve learned at Grinnell with the world!

  • Lucie Duffy

    Lucie Duffy

    Hometown: Westwood, MA

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Biology

    Extracurriculars: Captain of the Grinnell Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, KDIC radio show co-host, and member of the Minority Association of Pre-med Students. I am also a big supporter of theatre, dance, and music performances on campus.

    Research: Through the Mentored Advanced Project (MAP) Program, I am researching the effects of oxidative stress on damselflies with a Biology professor. I have had the opportunity to travel to Canada, Michigan, and Hawaii to do field work for this project!

    Off-Campus Study: I spent a semester during my third year in Copenhagen, Denmark. I lived with a wonderful host family and studied Medical Practice and Policy. While in Denmark I traveled with my classes to Poland and Germany to observe their medical systems, and visited friends from Grinnell all across Europe.

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because it is a community of people who love to learn. Grinnellians pursue their passions wholeheartedly and share their experiences and knowledge with one another to create a collaborative learning environment. Coming from the East Coast I did not know what to expect from my four years in Iowa, but I have found the greatest community of supportive friends, teammates, and faculty that make the Midwest feel like home.

  • Pieter Hansen

    Pieter Hansen

    Hometown: Columbus, OH

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Political Science, Global Development Studies Concentration

    Extracurriculars: Co-Captain of Men's Cross Country Team, Track and Field, Political Science SEPC, Wellness Lounge

    Research: I've researched many facets of development in the Philippines through Political Science and GDS courses, and plan on conducting a future MAP on creative class migrants from the Philippines and their relationship to Philippine development and citizenship.

    Off-Campus Study: Prague, Czech Republic in Spring 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because everyone here deeply cares about something. Regardless of whether it's a class, an obscure hobby, a philosophical argument, or something in the D-Hall, anyone you talk to will have something that gets them excited. In turn, I love that Grinnell gives you the freedom and resources to pursue that interest wholeheartedly.

  • Leah Harris

    Leah Harris

    Hometown: Seattle, WA

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Psychology & Anthropology

    Extracurriculars: Dance Ensemble, KDIC radio show

    Research: In my psychology classes, we've conducted semester-long research projects on fellow Grinnell students and community members to examine any social behaviors, trends, biases, etc.

    Off-Campus Study: Semester in Madrid during the Spring of 2018.

    Why I love Grinnell: It's rare to see students competing against one another in class. Rather, the academic focus tends to be on tackling course content and engaging others in conversation to learn. People tend to be supportive of each other here, and I really appreciate that aspect of Grinnell.

  • Gwen Holtzman

    Gwen Holtzman

    Hometown: Las Cruces, NM

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Chemistry and Spanish

    Extracurriculars: Women's soccer, Women's track and field, Peer Educator, SAM (student athlete mentor)

    Research: The summer after my second year I did a MAP with a professor in the chemistry dept. synthesizing florescent organic compounds that could be used to detect the presence of harmful biological molecules.

    Off-Campus Study: An intensive summer language program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, funded by our Global Learning Engagement Program!

    Why I love Grinnell: Hands down best part about Grinnell is the people. Grinnell is such a close knit community which really allows you to feel at home, no matter where or how far away your actual hometown is. You babysit your professor's kids on the weekend, or walk their dogs, or even go have dinner at their house! It's relationships like these that truly allow you to feel comfortable going in to talk to a professor during office hours or after a test you know didn't go well. The community is what has allowed me to succeed academically in such an intense and challenging environment.

  • Mithila Iyer

    Mithila Iyer

    Hometown: Chennai, India

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Economics and French

    Extracurriculars: My hobbies include theatre and dance! I'm also involved with student government and have served with SASO (South Asian Student Organization . Additionally, I am also a member of student educational policy committees for both my majors.

    Research: I will be taking a seminar in Economic Development this fall, which I am incredibly excited for! I will also be doing a French MAP with Professor Gwenola Caradec on feminist post-colonial literature, for which I will be traveling to Montréal, Canada this August!

    Off-Campus Study: I studied abroad in Paris, France during the fall of 2017. It was unbelievable, and definitely influenced my decision to declare a French major. I can't wait to return and see my host family and friends!

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell not just because of Dari Barn walks with friends and great academic stimulation, but because it showed me that it is possible for something completely out of your comfort zone to become one of your biggest strengths. I am at complete ease in small town Iowa and bustling Chennai, and have grown in both of them - they have both become home.

  • Hanna Kessel

    Hanna Kessel

    Hometown: Cave Creek, AZ

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): English and Gender Women and Sexuality Studies with a concentration in Global Development Studies

    Extracurriculars: Varsity track and basketball, Student Athlete Mentor, Queer Mentor, Service Learning Work Study intern for the Adopt a Grandparent program, SHAW driver, Grinnell in Prison program research assistant, Queer Athletes and Allies

    Research: Last summer I did a research based internship in Chicago where I worked at a refugee resettlement facility and studied how housing patterns can be a representation of social structures

    Off-Campus Study: Course embedded travel to Cuba last semester with a class that was focused on art and architecture in the revolution

    Why I love Grinnell: I love that even though I am 1,500 miles from home, I have found a family that loves me and a community that gives me the tools to excel in anything I put my mind to in Grinnell.

  • Bryce Lew

    Bryce Lew

    Hometown: Pasadena, CA

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Economics and Psychology

    Extracurriculars: Class Ambassador, Student Alumni Council, host of a KDIC radio show (every Friday night at 7!), Office of Communications

    Research: I have participated in various psychology and data-based research projects involving risk-taking behavior, developmental psychology, and alcohol usage in first-year students.

    Off-Campus Study: I studied abroad at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen during the Fall of 2017!

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell offers so many opportunities for students to take advantage of and grow from. I have participated in countless committees because I reached out and expressed interest. I was able to take part because the school wants to back your curiosities and growth as a student and budding professional. There is so much support here for students to succeed and I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had.

  • Nicolette Musachio

    Nicolette Musachio

    Hometown: Saint Paul, MN

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Anthropology Major/ Linguistics Concentration

    Extracurriculars: I teach Italian courses for ALSO (Alternative Language Study Option), cook for Shabbat through Chalutzim, and love rollerblading!

    Off-Campus Study: . I studied abroad in Milan, Italy

    Why I love Grinnell: Because through friendships, coursework, and off-campus opportunities, Grinnell has expanded my mind and my world.

  • Sophia Stern

    Sophia Stern

    Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): History & Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

    Extracurriculars: Grinnell Monologues, after school art and literacy volunteer educator, theater, pub quiz

    Research: Iowa Township Project, history researcher and class developer, Masculinity and American Literature seminar, American Indian History seminar, Dramaturgy MAP alcohol usage in first-year students.

    Off-Campus Study: . IES Amsterdam

    Why I love Grinnell: The people! From students to staff, faculty to local business owners, the people make Grinnell home

  • Megan Tcheng

    Megan Tcheng

    Hometown: Pasadena, CA

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): English with a Concentration in Neuroscience

    Extracurriculars: Coordinator of TEDxGrinnell College, member of the English Department’s Student Education Policy Committee (SEPC) and a student employee with the Office of Communications’ Collaborative Communications team.

    Research: Over the course of this school year, I’ll be working with Professor Erik Simpson from the English Department on a research project concerning the use of dialect in 18th-19th century songs.

    Off-Campus Study: I spent the Fall semester of my 3rd year studying the public healthcare system in Costa Rica, building up my Spanish fluency…. and gorging on all the arroz con pollo I could get my hands on.

    Why I love Grinnell: The limitless number of events and speakers hosted on Grinnell’s campus. Where else can you have access to award-winning poets, presidential candidates, free concerts, and everything all between – all nestled among the cornfields of Iowa!

Multicultural Interns

  • Gilberto Perez

    Gilberto A. Perez '21

    Hometown: Hanover Park, IL

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Spanish and Sociology major, Latin American Studies Concentration

    Extracurriculars: Men’s Varsity Soccer, Student Organization of Latinx, QuestBridge

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell has allowed to become a part of a community with brilliant, open-minded individuals. Grinnell has also provided spaces in which I can express my interests inside and beyond the classroom.

  • Cinthia Romo

    Cinthia Romo '21

    Hometown: Born in Jalisco, Mexico. Raised in Kansas City, KS

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Sociology/French Major

    Extracurriculars: Student Organization of Latinx (SOL), Student Government, Grinnell Advocates, Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP)

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell mostly because of the people. It has let me meet so many amazing people that have similar goals and aspirations.

  • Erica Satchell

    Erica Satchell '21

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Biology Major

    Extracurriculars: Concerned Black Students communications coordinator, Chemistry tutor, SGA senator, diversity presenter at LSAMP conference, and a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell provides many opportunities for students of completely different backgrounds to succeed in a positive environment. The Grinnell experience is truly one of a kind and allows for students to be themselves unapologetically.

Overnight Host Coordinators

  • Malcolm Davis

    Malcolm Davis '21

    Hometown: Berea, KY

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Political Science/Theatre

    Extracurriculars: Intramural Basketball, member of CBS, Actor, Poet

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because it is a great place to hone one's artistic practices and explore academic discourse.

  • Maya Dru

    Maya Dru '21

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Sociology major and Policy Studies concentration

    Extracurriculars: Farm House, Chalutzim, Infinite Coincidence Long Form Improv

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the community around learning. Everyone — the students and faculty — are so deeply passionate about learning. I feel really lucky to stay up late talking about the theory of artifact preservation with my friends.

International Intern

  • Arunima Fatehpuria

    Arunima Fatehpuria '21

    Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Psychology and Mathematics

    Extracurriculars: Social Coordinator of International Student Organization, Rosenfield Program Committee Member, Grinnell Advocates, Assistant Stage Manager for Image of an Unknown Young Woman (Spring 2018)

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the amazing community Grinnell fosters among its students. At Grinnell you can be whoever you want to be and still be accepted. You will always find others who share your passion, whether it be debating or fighting with foam swords!

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