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The best way to understand a campus is to see the students who are living there. Our student interns are just a sample of the Grinnell population — take a look at what experiences they have had so far during their Grinnell careers.

Senior Interviewers

Want to ask a question of a specific senior interviewer listed below? Send an email to us with your question and the name or names of the students you want to ask it to, and our current students will be happy to answer! 

  • Waverly Eichhorst

    Waverly Eichhorst

    Hometown: Bolinas, California

    Majors/Concentrations: Biology and French, neuroscience concentration

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Manager of the Grinnell College Wellness Board, cooking, yoga, visual arts, sustainability

    Research: At the Plant Genome Expression Center in Albany, California, and with the Pelling Lab in Ottawa, Canada

    Off-Campus Study: Aix-en-Provence, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I absolutely love how diverse the community of individuals is at Grinnell. I feel so lucky to learn so much from outside of the classroom everyday because of the the fascinating interactions I get to have with others from backgrounds completely different from my own.

  • Jamie Friedman

    Jamie Friedman

    Hometown: Weston, Connecticut

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Computer science and political science

    Extracurriculars: Theater department costumes, Dance Ensemble, performed in a theater and dance Mentored Advanced Project (MAP), teaching kids in the community to dance.

    Research: I did a summer research based internship in New Haven where I studied climate change and how individuals can reduce their carbon footprint. I then used this research to start a social media campaign that encourages residents to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

    Off-Campus Study: University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: At Grinnell I have learned as much from my peers as from my classes, and have been supported as much by my professors as by my friends. I ended up majoring in a subject I knew nothing about prior to coming to Grinnell, because with no distribution requirements, encouraging professors, and collaborative classmates, you have every opportunity to try and succeed at something new!

  • Henry Gray

    Henry Gray

    Hometown: New York, New York

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Classics and economics

    Extracurriculars: Pioneer Capital Investments, rock climbing, and skiing

    Research: My classical research has focused on specific Latin word usage in Livy’s Ab Urbe Condita and Virgil’s Aeneid, and the history of Corinthian column capitals in Greek temples. In economics, my research interest is the relationship between how public company management teams trade their own stock and those companies’ performance.

    Off-Campus Study: Grinnell course-embedded travel: London and Athens, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: The professors and the communities within the majors they foster. From walks around campus to dinner at their homes, professors help students apply what they learn in the classroom to our lives.

  • Gabriela Gryc

    Gabriela Gryc

    Hometown: Franklin Park, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: Biochemistry, neuroscience concentration

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: QuestBridge, MAPs, Poweshiek County Democrats, playing the piano, figure drawing

    Research: MAP, “Synthesis of 3-amino-5-phenylcyclohexan-1,3-dione: Desymmetrization, Reductive Amination, and Comparison with Biocatalytic Route”; University of Iowa Neuroscience Institute, “Effects of Changes in Striatal Morphogenesis on Learning Behavior in Mice”

    Off-Campus Study: ACM Amsterdam, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: One thing I love about Grinnell is the opportunity to interact with professors and create lasting relationships with them, that can be achieved at a small institution like Grinnell. They make office hours easily accessible and go out of their way to make sure you succeed!

  • Lizzy Hinman

    Lizzy Hinman

    Hometown: Asheville, North Carolina

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Political science and theatre and dance

    Extracurriculars: Theatre and dance productions, theatre and dance Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC), Ignite teacher, and Grinnell Singers

    Internships: Externship participant (3 years), education and outreach intern at North Carolina Stage Company, theatre arts training intern at Children’s Theatre Company

    Off-Campus Study: SEA semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Cultures and Ecosystems, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I love how Grinnell fosters a learning environment that encourages students to take risks and pursue a wide range of subjects and extracurriculars — a true liberal arts education!

  • Ayyad Jacob

    Ayyad Jacob

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Political science, peace and conflict studies concentration

    Extracurriculars: Student Alumni Council, Phonathon, political science SEPC, pub quiz, Grinnell Political Podcast, short form improvisation

    Research: Mainly in-class political science research focused on the Middle East

    Off-Campus Study: Grinnell-in-London, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell never has a shortage of meaningful and fun opportunities. If something seems interesting to you, don’t be afraid to pursue it!

  • Yuya Kawakami

    Yuya Kawakami

    Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

    Majors/Concentrations: Computer science and mathematics

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Mathematics SEPC, Math Lab tutor, software developer at Grinnell College Immersive Experiences Lab

    Research: Optimizing data analysis software at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

    Off-Campus Study: London, U.K., fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I’ve grown to love the people at Grinnell. The friends, staff members, and professors I’ve met at Grinnell truly makes Grinnell feel like a second home.

  • Hanna O'Neill

    Hanna O’Neill

    Hometown: Winona, Minnesota

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Biology, neuroscience concentration

    Extracurriculars: Swim and Dive Team, co-leader of Student Athlete Mentors, hiking and canoeing leader for Grinnell Outdoor Recreation Group, member of Student Environmental Club, Farm House, lifeguard

    Research: MAP, Characterizing C. elegans Suppressor Strains (developmental genetics)

    Off-Campus Study: University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: I truly love the people I have met at Grinnell. The people I’ve met here constantly challenge my perspectives and have improved my person and character. The Grinnell community is made up of extraordinarily passionate, inquisitive people who have helped me grow more than I thought was possible in my time here.

  • Maddy Smith

    Madison Smith

    Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): English and theatre and dance

    Extracurriculars: Volleyball, student-run musical theatre, writing mentor

    Research: MAP: Virtual Reality Beowulf Meadhall Project

    Off-Campus Study: Fordham London Dramatic Academy, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the colors of all the trees in the fall in Grinnell!

  • Zach Steinberg

    Zachary Clarke Steinberg

    Hometown: Parsippany, New Jersey

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Political science, policy studies concentration

    Extracurriculars: Soccer, Grinnell College Campus Democrats, politics

    Off Campus Study: DIS Copenhagen, Denmark, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: The ability to be more than a number. Professors really are here to work with students that are striving to educate themselves and act accordingly, making themselves readily available. Professors help students grow as academics and as well-rounded individuals.

  • Molly Stone

    Molly Stone

    Hometown: Granada Hills, California

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): English and theatre and dance, peace and conflict studies concentration

    Extracurriculars: Theatre productions, Grinnell Singers, KDIC Radio, Grinnell Advocates, service-learning work study

    Research: A MAP this upcoming semester called The Performance of Peace; English seminars such as Sound Studies and African American Literature.

    Off-Campus Study: SIT IHP Human Rights program that traveled to New York, Chile, Nepal, and Jordan, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the people at Grinnell that make-up such a supportive, interesting, and enlivening community!

  • Calvin Tang

    Calvin Tang

    Hometown: Hong Kong, SAR

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Physics and music

    Extracurriculars: Jazz Ensemble, music SEPC, International Student Organization (ISO)

    Research: Physics MAP, Lake Water Optics; Music MAP, Grinnell Improvisation Workshop

    Off-Campus Study: Milan, fall 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: The people here is really what makes this place so special – I’ve met people from all walks of life, all who share the same passion and drive to further themselves and the world around them, which is something that I love and continue to strive for myself every day.

  • Dean Burrell

    Dean Burrell ’22

    Hometown: Union, New Jersey

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Economics and political science

    Extracurriculars: Food recovery network; Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP) 

    Why I love Grinnell: I love that in Grinnell, unlike at home, the night sky is clear enough for me to see all the stars.

  • Gilberto Perez

    Gilberto A. Perez ’21

    Hometown: Hanover Park, Illinois

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended Spanish and sociology major, Latin American studies concentration

    Extracurriculars: Men’s Varsity Soccer, Student Organization of Latinx, QuestBridge

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell has allowed me to become a part of a community with brilliant, open-minded individuals. Grinnell has also provided spaces in which I can express my interests inside and beyond the classroom.

  • Cinthia Romo

    Cinthia Romo ’21

    Hometown: Born in Jalisco, Mexico. Raised in Kansas City, Kansas

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended sociology/French major

    Extracurriculars: Student Organization of Latinx (SOL), Student Government Association (SGA), Grinnell Advocates, Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP), Global Learning Program that traveled to Paris and Berlin

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell mostly because of the people. It has let me meet so many amazing people that have similar goals and aspirations.

  • Erica Satchell

    Erica Satchell ’21

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended biology major

    Extracurriculars: Concerned Black Students communications coordinator, chemistry tutor, SGA senator, diversity presenter at Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation conference, and a big sister for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell provides many opportunities for students of completely different backgrounds to succeed in a positive environment. The Grinnell experience is truly one of a kind and allows for students to be themselves unapologetically.

  • Puravi Nath

    Puravi Nath ’21

    Hometown: Kolkata and Bangalore, India

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Psychology

    Extracurriculars: President of South Asian Student Organisation (SASO), social coordinator of International Student Organisation (ISO). I was also a senator at the Student Government Association (SGA) last fall. Additionally, my hobbies include photography, painting, and singing.

    Research: A brand planning internship at Ogilvy & Mather which involved peeling the layers of consumer behavior of specific brands to understand consumer consumption, aspirations, inhibitions, motivations, etc.

    Why I love Grinnell: I think Grinnell really allows you to explore beyond what you ever thought you cared about or were interested in. There is a whole community- and more!- around learning just about anything.

  • Malcolm Davis

    Malcolm Davis ’21

    Hometown: Berea, Kentucky

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Intended political science and theatre and dance

    Extracurriculars: Intramural basketball, member of Concerned Black Students (CBS), actor, poet

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because it is a great place to hone one’s artistic practices and explore academic discourse.

  • Merel

    Merel Timmermans ’22

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Majors: Intended political science and Spanish double major

    Extracurriculars: Cross country, track and field, Grinnell Symphony Orchestra, Queer Athletes and Allies (QAA), Spoon Carving Club, NextGen

    One thing I love about Grinnell: I love Grinnell’s location in rural Iowa! Having lived in large cities my whole life, it was certainly something I was worried about when I first came here. However, I have come to realize that living in Grinnell has provided me with a different perspective of America and enriched my life and learning experience in ways I don’t think I would have experienced somewhere else.

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