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The best way to understand a campus is to see the students who are living there. Our student interns are just a sample of the Grinnell population — take a look at what experiences they have had so far during their Grinnell careers.

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Summer Interns 2021

Senior Interviewers

  • Avery Barnett Photo

    Avery Barnett ’21

    Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

    Majors/Concentrations: Physics major with concentrations in technology studies and environmental studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: African and Caribbean Student’s Union, Black Students in STEM, Office of Intercultural Affairs curriculum intern, physics mentor, harp ensemble, steel pan ensemble, baking, embroidery

    Research: Emera Caribbean in Barbados and at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory (GFDL) through the Princeton Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System (CIMES) program

    Off-Campus Study: Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because of the many opportunities that I am afforded and being able to explore different areas. I enjoy going to conferences and exploring and Grinnell creates avenues to assist me in learning new things and interacting with different people. Moreover, I enjoy the diversity of the music program and it has been amazing that I can play the steel pans and learn the harp.

  • Seth Bartusek

    Seth Bartusek ’21

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Major/Concentration: Biology major with a concentration in environmental studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Baseball, work study (student photographer, Office of Admission work, athletics center worker), KDIC (radio station), Farm House resident, hobbies: music, reading, photography, sustainability

    Research: Several course-embedded projects, OCS, summer research internship with East Carolina University Coastal Ecology Lab

    Off-Campus Study: New Zealand (Dunedin, University of Otago), fall 2019

    My Favorite Thing about Grinnell: I love the sunsets in Iowa, you get beautiful evening glows all year long and makes for the best way to end the day. Similarly, being from a big city, I love the sense of emptiness and space in Iowa, you can always find the space you need out here. This state is full of hidden gems that need finding.

  • Martha Beliveau

    Martha Beliveau ’21

    Hometown: Norman, Oklahoma

    Majors/Concentrations: History major with a concentration in peace and conflict studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study:Crisis Intervention Services Emergency Housing intern; writing mentor; Grinnell Oral History transcriber; Marketplace Dining Hall worker; tour guide; community adviser; sociology department research assistant; opinions writer for the Scarlet & Black newspaper

    Research: Public Secrets and Private Pasts: Comparing the Heroinat Memorial and the 2020 Newborn Theme from the Perspective of NGOs in Pristina, Kosovo, spring 2020; The Oppositional Presence: Blackness and Whiteness in the Popular Press During the Austin Murders of the Nineteenth Century, fall 2019

    Off-Campus Study: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Kosovo, spring 2020; Global Learning Program in Costa Rica, Cuba, and Denmark, spring 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell at its best prepares its students to be social justice advocates and change-makers in any path their life takes. And because of the diverse and outspoken student body at Grinnell, students hold each other accountable to question their own assumptions with kindness and patience.

  • Elizabeth Collinger

    Elizabeth Collinger ’21

    Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and Spanish double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Grinnell Singers, synchro team, Con Brio, sociology Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC) member, liaison between the students and faculty of the sociology department

    Research: I did a research project in my sociology methods course, where I got to analyze the historical construction of divorced women and our continued societal implications surrounding women and marriage. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to talk to women about their experiences!

    Off-Campus Study: Quito, Ecuador, fall 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell is a place that has challenged me both academically and personally. More than anything, I love the supportive community of friends and faculty that allow me to not just survive in college, but thrive. It is because of this community that it’s so hard to say goodbye each academic year.

  • Ahon Gooptu

    Ahon Gooptu ’21

    Hometown: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

    Majors/Concentrations: Theatre and dance and English double major with a concentration in technology studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Theatre productions and independent student-run theatre, Grinnell Singers, Con Brio, Vivero research fellow, International Student Organization (2018-19 cabinet member), member of English and theatre and dance Student Educational Policy Committees (SEPC) since 2018

    Research: Mapping Absence in Shakespeare (pedagogical research in digital humanities); scenic and projections design for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time at Farmers Alley Theatre in Kalamazoo, Michigan; Pacifism in Queer Cinema (film-based research in global queer media)

    Off-Campus Study: National Theater Institute in Waterford, Connecticut, fall 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: The sunsets! Sunny or gloomy, golden hour never disappoints.

  • Evan Hurst

    Evan Hurst ’21

    Hometown/State/Country: Carbondale, Illinois / Lexington, Kentucky

    Majors/Concentrations: Gender, women’s and sexuality studies (GWSS) major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Sexual Health Information Center peer educator, College Curriculum Committee, GWS-395 course assistant, 2019 Multicultural Reunion Oral History assistant, Phonathon student caller, GWSS student committee, Spanish student committee, Spanish House resident, Stonewall Resource Center (SRC) volunteer, Drag Show volunteer and emcee, summer 2019 Grinnellink intern (Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, Washington)

    Research: LGBT Oral Histories of Central Iowa project, “Fat Studies” mentored advanced project

    Why I love Grinnell: My absolute favorite thing about Grinnell is the student body. Grinnell students make this campus their own, and being surrounded by an immensely supportive community has influenced so much of my personal growth and provided me with more perspectives to learn from than I could’ve ever imagined.

  • Ryuta Kure

    Ryuta Kure ’21

    Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan

    Majors/Concentrations: Computer science and economics double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Editor for Scarlet & Black, Student Government Association senator/Green Fund, Grinnell College Museum of Art student guide, international pre-orientation program (IPOP) mentor

    Research: Data-Driven Games mentored advanced project (MAP), summer 2019 and 2020

    Off-Campus Study: Budapest, Hungary, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I really love how tightly knit the Grinnell community is. Through my years here, I really felt that a lot of the professors, staffs, and alums really care about the growth and development of the students. For me, Grinnell feels like another home.

  • Nicole Mendez Subieta

    Nicole Méndez Subieta ’21

    Hometown: Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and economics double major

    Extracurriculars/Work Study: Grinnell Student Advocates, Big Brothers/Sisters mentor, research assistant for a professor in the sociology department

    Research: I spent the summer of my third year researching Mexican and Bolivian contemporary populist politics, more specifically the conditions that allow a leftist leader into/out of power.

    Off-Campus Study: “Tolerance and Intolerance” Global Learning Program in France and Germany, spring 2019; semester abroad in Lisbon, Portugal, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I love that at Grinnell I always find something to admire from most of the people I meet. The passion Grinnellians tend to have towards their projects, be them academic or personal, the commitment, and genuine interest, make of this learning space one that always encourages me to be better.

  • Gilberto Perez

    Gilberto Perez ’21

    Hometown: Hanover Park, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and Spanish double major with a concentration in Latin American studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study:  Men’s varsity soccer, alternative break, Student Organization of Latinxs (SOL), Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP), Crecemos Unidos, athletic center worker, Office of Admission multicultural recruitment intern, All Campus Events student safety, Revolutions Tailor intern

    Research: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, MAP: Midwestern Quinceañeras

    Why I love Grinnell: There are countless opportunities to explore that combine my different interests, all of which have been fun and challenging, while also helping with my personal development. I am always astounded by the beauty of our campus. The size of campus also leads to constantly being able to see new and familiar faces!

  • Cinthia Romo

    Cinthia Romo ’21

    Hometown/State/Country: Lenexa, Kansas

    Majors/Concentrations:  Sociology and French double major

    Extra-curriculars/Work-Study: Student Organization of Latinx co-leader, peer advocate for sexual assault, PCPOP mentor, SGA senator, Student Life Committee member, Restorative Practices Committee member; Liberal Arts in Prison program coordinator; alternative break leader; Questbridge Special Events coordinator; Grinnell High School Speech Team assistant coach; Davis Lunchtime Lang Learners teacher; Empatia Ahora founder (immigration work at the border); Mellon Mays fellow

    Research (MAPs, seminars) — Directed Research: Representations of Refugees in French Media from 2015-2020; How they Maintain the Refugee-Migrant Binary. Mellon Mays Research; Storytelling in a Liminal Space; How Migrants Experience Intersectional Violence at the Southern Border

    Off-Campus Study: “Tolerance & Intolerance: What does Enlightenment Mean Today?” Global Learning Program, France and Germany, summer 2019. Off campus research/internship: Mellon Mays research and paralegal with Lawyers for Good Government, Texas and Tamaulipas, Mexico, spring & summer 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell has fulfilled my wildest dreams. It has allowed me to explore everything I’ve ever wanted to and more with its generous support from professors and generous funding for internships, travel, and research.

  • Conner Stanfield

    Conner Stanfield ’21

    Hometown: Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and theatre and dance double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Sociology SEPC, theatre and dance SEPC, Grinnell Singers, Con Brio, Student Health and Wellness peer educator, Stonewall Resource Center, costume shop

    Research: Drag Will Never Be Mainstream - Commercialization and Commodification in the London Drag Scene, blur

    Off-Campus Study: MAP in Taipei, summer 2019; Grinnell-in-London, fall 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: The night sky is so clear in Grinnell that on a clear night you can see the Milky Way. I love going to the soccer field or the golf course and stargazing with friends, especially during something like a meteor shower.

  • Andrew Tucker

    Andrew Tucker ’21

    Hometown: Wellesley, Massachusetts

    Majors/Concentrations: Biology and economics double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Head lifeguard and lifeguarding instructor, athletic events supervisor, Title IX Advisory Committee, student athletic training assistant, The Scarlet & Black, Block Party chair, Students Athletes Leading Social Change

    Research: The effectiveness of different classes of nitric oxide inhibitors on preventing the progression of oxidative stress on neurological activity (Grinnell College)

    Off-Campus Study: Global Learning Program in Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, spring 2018

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the people. Being part of a community where anyone can sit down and have a thoughtful discussion about current events, systemic issues, etc. regardless of whether personal beliefs may differ is something that sets Grinnell apart.

  • Olivia Woolam

    Olivia Woolam ’21

    Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida

    Majors/Concentrations: Studio art and English double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Women's basketball team, athletics broadcasting and social media management, welcome desk manager at the athletic center, co-chair of Student Athletics Leading Social Change (SALSC), Grinnell Relays co-chair

    Research: I wrote a feature-length movie script in a seminar English class!

    Why I love Grinnell: I love how fierce Grinnellians are and always have been throughout my time on campus. We are a resilient student body and are proud of who we are — I have always admired that about my peers.

Tour Guides

  • Quinn Berleman-Paul

    Quinn Berleman-Paul ’21

    Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: Psychology and gender, women’s, and sexuality studies (GWSS) double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Grinnell women’s soccer, Con Brio (a cappella), Bear Athletic Center student supervisor, Grinnell parks and recreation U8 coach, Ignite teaching program, Psi Chi

    Research: Mentored Independent Project (MIP): "Quiet Eye in a Noisy Context"

    Off-Campus Study: IES Amsterdam – humanities and social sciences, Spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because it has given me a place to learn and grow in so many ways – providing me with experiences I never could have dreamed of and connections to so many amazing people that I will always be grateful for!

  • Sara Castro

    Sara Castro ’21

    Hometown: Los Angeles, California

    Majors/Concentrations: History major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Community organizing, Student Organization of Latinx (SOL), Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP)

    Research: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, mentored advanced project (MAP) in History

    Off-Campus Study: IES Amsterdam - Humanities and Social Sciences, spring 2020; Grinnell course-embedded travel: London and Athens, spring 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: The Grinnell community of students, faculty, and staff, have pushed me to grow in ways I didn’t know were possible when I entered college and have been so supportive along the way!

  • Wagih Henawi

    Wagih Henawi ’22

    Hometown: Laughlin, Nevada

    Majors/Concentrations: Computer science and economics double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Track and field team

    Research: Did research on the effects of religion on political actions, agendas, and voting trends in a political science course, the effects of aid through microloans to developing countries in an economics course, and the factors that contribute to a person’s salary (ie. age, race, gender, education level) in a computer science course.

    Off-Campus Study: Planned: Aquincum Institute of Technology in Budapest, Hungary, spring 2021

    Why I love Grinnell: Grinnell has given me so many opportunities that I never imagined I would be able to pursue. The accessibility of resources provided to the students makes me truly believe that Grinnell really cares for it’s students’ success.

  • Rachel Hinkley

    Rachel J. Hinkley ’21

    Hometown: Bainbridge, New York

    Majors/Concentrations: Independent major in higher education

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: 2021 class ambassador, Grinnell Singers, Education Professions Career Community, Phonathon, and biking

    Research: Fall 2020 Thesis — College Match Factors Among Rural High School Students & Responsive Institutional Policy Change

    Off-Campus Study: The Hague, The Netherlands, fall 2019

  • Sophie Jackson

    Sophie Jackson ’22

    Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

    Majors/Concentrations: Independent major in international relations

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Grinnell Advocates, intern at Crisis Intervention Services, Rosenfield Program student assistant and committee member, peace and conflict studies committee member, co-coordinator for S.A.V.E (student group that volunteers at the local animal shelter)

    Research: Mentored advanced project (MAP) on pacifism in the early modern period

    Off-Campus Study: Moscow, spring 2021

    Why I love Grinnell: I love being able to connect with students who are kind, passionate and diverse. Conversations happen everywhere and anywhere.

  • Maya Kusunoki-Martin

    Maya Kusunoki-Martin ’21

    Hometown: San Gabriel, California

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology major with a concentration in linguistics

    Extra-curriculars/Work-study: Linguistics SEPC, Dance Ensemble, Gospel Choir, Intercultural Affairs, music lessons

    Research: Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship scholar

    Off-Campus Study: Public Health and Community Program in India, South Africa, Brazil, and Washington D.C. (spring 2020)

    Why I love Grinnell: I love living in Iowa and interacting with the larger Grinnell community. Whether it's exploring the local parks/lakes, visiting the coffee shop (where people know my order by now), or just going to the grocery store, there's so much to learn and I always see friendly familiar faces.

  • Soham Mukhopadhyay

    Soham Mukhopadhyay ’22

    Hometown: New Delhi, India 

    Majors/Concentrations: Economic with a concentration in statistics 

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Vice president of the South Asian Students Association, physics science community leader, Intern at Grinnell Office of Investments, Pioneer Weekend, World Bank Youth Summit 

    Research: I wrote a paper on the "Impact of Business Confidence on Commercial Paper Interest Rates in the United States" for my Econometrics course. 

    Why I love Grinnell: I really love how unique and diverse every Grinnellian is. My peers are passionate and committed towards the areas that they enjoy learning about ensuring that I get to learn a lot from them. The welcoming community from day 1 along ensured that I feel at home, even though my home is on the other side of the planet.  

  • Amanda Na

    Amanda Na ’22

    Hometown: Avon, Connecticut

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Anthropology and studio art double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Phonathon manager and caller, AAA (Asian American Association) member, Grinnell Middle School Art volunteer, baking, reading, hiking, visiting museums

    Research: I did preliminary research for my sociology methods class in which I analyzed the framing of ethical consumption by ethical clothing brands and mainstream clothing brands to better understand how ethicality in a capitalist, consumer culture is marketed.

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell because of the professors and mentors! I have had the privilege to take so many amazing classes with wonderful professors who not only prioritize my passion for various subjects, but also my mental health. I also love Grinnell for the chance to meet so many amazing people who inspire me every day!

  • Claire Pollard

    Claire Pollard ’22

    Hometown: Champaign, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: Political science and religious studies double major with a concentration in policy studies

    Extracurriculars/Work Study: Intern with the City of Marshalltown, religious studies SEPC member, SGA, KDIC radio show host, animal shelter volunteer coordinator, Campus Dems

    Research: Last semester I completed a research project on “The Bachelor,” where I used Twitter data to find out how the show impacts young women’s perceptions of dating and romance.

    Off-Campus Study: Washington, D.C. and Moscow, spring 2021

    Why I love Grinnell: I love how passionate everybody is. There are so many unique people on campus and they all have this incredible drive behind them! It’s the perfect environment to learn and develop in.

  • Eva Roman

    Eva Román Aguilera ’22

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: Spanish and political science double major with a Latin American studies concentration

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Public Relations Officer for Student Organization of Latinxs; PCPOP first-year mentor; Spanish Lab Tutor and Supervisor

    Research: “Netflix: International Producer and Exporter of Historical Memory”, “Femicide in Mexico: Government Inefficiency or Cultural Erosion?”

    Why I love Grinnell: The people. During the difficult times— studying alone in the library at night, feeling the stress of finals, among others— peers, professors, and members of Grinnell’s community have always offered their words of support, a hug, or even a snack and coffee. It is because of the people here at Grinnell that I feel safe and strong enough to be able to get through tough times.

  • Heather Suh

    Heather Suh ’21

    Hometown: West Chester, Pennsylvania

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology major on pre-med / public health track

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Grinnell Symphony Orchestra, sociology SEPC, volunteer at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital

    Research: At the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California

    Why I love Grinnell: I love Grinnell for the people and the community on and off campus. Grinnellians are driven, passionate, and supportive individuals, whether they are current students or alumni. I like that I carry this piece of community with me, and that it sparks a connection wherever I go.

  • Will Telingator

    Will Telingator ’21

    Hometown: Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Majors/Concentrations: Sociology and Spanish double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grinnell, Grinnell College Preschool Laboratory, Spanish SEPC

    Off-Campus Study: Quito, Ecuador, fall 2019

    Why I love Grinnell: I love how the faculty, staff, and students at Grinnell work together to create an environment of intellectual and personal curiosity, where people seem to genuinely want to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

  • Abraham Teuber

    Abraham Teuber ’22

    Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

    Majors/Concentrations: English

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: The Scarlet & Black, Grinnell Singers, Con Brio (a cappella), KDIC radio station

    Research: "Abuse in Queer Lit" - MAP with Professor Steve Andrews, Summer 2021

    Why I love Grinnell: The professors I’ve had at Grinnell have been outstanding teachers, mentors, and people who go above and beyond to make students feel a part of this community. Being in a Grinnell classroom when everyone is engaged feels exhilarating and has been the source of many friendships in my time here.

  • Julia Welch

    Julia Welch ’22

    Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota 

    Major: Biology and anthropology double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-study: Student Athletic Mentor and athlete on woman’s volleyball team; member of the Student Educational Policy Committee for the anthropology department. 

    Research: Mentored advance project on exercise intensity and perceived enjoyment. 

    Off-campus study: Couldn’t bear to leave campus! 

    Why I love Grinnell: The small school environment allows every student the opportunity to create meaningful connections with their peers and professors. I have made wonderful friends and adopted talented mentors due to the small class sizes and passionate professors.  

  • Malia Wells

    Malia Wells ’21

    Hometown: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

    Majors/Concentrations: Biochemistry and anthropology double major

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: QuestBridge scholar, service-learning work study, anthropology SEPC

    Research: I conducted research with a partner on the influence of metals on the development of tadpoles during my Introduction to Biological Inquiries course in my first year.

    Off-Campus Study: IES Amsterdam: Humanities and Social Sciences Program, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: During my time at Grinnell, I have always felt accepted and supported by the community. I have grown as a person and as a student by taking classes that I have never tried, taking chances on new activities and putting myself in leadership roles. I have met some amazing people here who have become my greatest friends and have helped me get closer to my goals.

Multicultural Interns

  • Dean Burrell

    Dean Burrell ’22

    Hometown: Union, New Jersey

    Majors/Concentrations: Political science

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Food Recovery Network, mailroom cashier, Rosenfield Center information desk attendant, Peer Connections Pre-Orientation Program (PCPOP), Iowa Caucus Project, piano lessons

    Off-Campus Study: London, UK, spring 2022

    Why I love Grinnell: My favorite part about Grinnell is the richly diverse student body. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about the places they call home. Also, I love that in Grinnell there is very little light pollution, so I can look up in a clear night sky and see the stars.

  • Chaz Del Mar

    Chaz Del Mar ’22

    Hometown: Harvest, Alabama

    Majors/Concentrations: Philosophy 

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Football team, Office of Intercultural Affairs MCEE intern (Men of Color Empowered and Engaged), Harris Center staff

    Why I love Grinnell: I love that Grinnell supports self-Gov and gives a voice to students to create change on campus. 

  • Nina Kouchi

    Nina Kouchi ’22

    Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

    Majors/Concentrations: Computer science major with a concentration in technology studies

    Extracurriculars/Work-Study: Member of the women’s golf team, member of the Athletics Student Educational Policy Committee (SEPC)

    Research: A Mathematics of Images: Constructionism, Creativity, and Computation MAP at Grinnell College

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the sense of community at Grinnell. Everyone is incredibly supportive and I feel like I can ask anyone for help and learn from everyone around me. 

  • Erica Satchell

    Erica Satchell ’21

    Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

    Majors/Concentrations: General science major with a concentration in technology studies

    Extracurriculars/Work Study: Big Brother Big Sister, Concerned Black Students, Food Recovery Network, Minority Association of Pre-medical Students (MAPS)

    Off-Campus Study: Granada, Spain, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I love the resources Grinnell provides for students.

International Intern

  • Puravi Nath

    Puravi Nath ’21

    Hometown: Kolkata and Bangalore, India

    Major(s)/Concentration(s): Psychology

    Extracurriculars: President of International Student Organization (ISO), international student pre-orientation program (IPOP) mentor

    Research: How to promote and encourage COVID-19 preventive behaviours using behavioural technique of nudging, spring 2020

    Why I love Grinnell: I think Grinnell really allows you to explore beyond what you ever thought you cared about or were interested in. There is a whole community- and more!- around learning just about anything.

    Get in contact with Puravi.

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