Reconsideration Requests

There are three types of reconsideration requests, and they relate to special circumstances, unusual circumstances, and cost of attendance.

Special Circumstances

The reconsideration request process is available to students who have special circumstances. If your or your family’s financial circumstances have changed significantly since you applied for financial aid, or if you or your family have circumstances that were not presented in the original aid application, you may want to submit a reconsideration request. All requests will be reviewed but may not result in an adjustment.  Approved adjustments may be for the current school year or may not take effect until the following school year. Examples of special circumstances include unemployment or pay reductions that are ongoing and unusually high out-of-pocket medical expenses. The reconsideration request form is available on the View/Accept Aid page of the online financial aid office or by emailing the Office of Financial Aid. Merit scholarships are determined at the time of admission and cannot be appealed.

Unusual Circumstances

If you have unusual circumstances, including but not limited to being unable to contact your parent(s) or if doing so poses a risk, please email the Office of Financial Aid with a brief description of your circumstances so we can provide further guidance.

Cost of Attendance

You may also appeal for an adjustment to the cost of attendance by emailing the Office of Financial Aid with your request and submitting appropriate documentation. A successful appeal does not mean that Grinnell will provide additional grants. Examples of reasons to appeal for a cost of attendance adjustment include a personal computer purchase, dependent care, or additional tuition fees for enrolling in more than 18 credits per semester. You can find more information on the Cost of Attendance webpage.

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