Emergency Procedures

Fire Evacuation Procedure

Actions to Take In A Campus Building

If a fire is present in a campus building:

  • Sound the building alarm by pulling an alarm station when a fire is detected.
  • Everyone should quickly exit the building using available stairways and fire escapes. Do not use elevators. Students should leave their rooms unlocked and close the door upon exiting.
  • Alert others in your area as you evacuate. If you are able, accompany and assist persons with disabilities who appear to need assistance.
  • Call Campus Safety 641-269-4600 or dial 911 for assistance when it is safe to do so. Report the exact location of the fire and what is burning, if known.
  • Remain approximately 200 feet from the exits to help facilitate clear access to the building for the fire department.
  • Return to the building only when instructed to do so by fire department officials, police, or Campus Safety staff.