International Opportunities for Faculty

Teach Abroad

Teach in London

The Grinnell-in-London program (GIL) takes place every fall semester in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London's West End. The program’s offices and classrooms are centrally located for easy access to museums, galleries, libraries, and other institutions. A hallmark of the program is intensive interaction with London itself through a more open schedule than Grinnell’s timetable affords. GIL offers students and faculty who teach on the program the opportunity to learn as a community about this dynamic place, its history, and its people through a careful selection of courses, cultural integration, and co-curricular activities.

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Teach in Nanjing

Since 1987, Grinnell College has had an institutional partnership with Nanjing University, one of China's key comprehensive universities. Through this partnership, Grinnell receives two research scholars from Nanjing University each year, along with a visiting instructor of Chinese, and in return Grinnell sends two of its faculty or staff each year to teach students in Nanjing.

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Sponsor a Visiting Scholar

Visiting Fellows

The International Visiting Fellows program allows Grinnell faculty to bring scholars and artists from international locations to Grinnell, for a minimum stay of two weeks to teach a short course or course unit within an existing academic department. Fellows also give a public presentation during their stay on campus. This is an excellent way to complement a department’s curriculum and to introduce students to a scholar or artist who works outside the United States.

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Heath Professorship

Endowed in honor of John Reardon Heath, Grinnell Class of 1919, who was an active member and President of the Grinnell Board of Trustees and gave steadfast support to Grinnell’s long and continuing engagement with the world, the Heath Professorship bring to Grinnell College the most distinguished international figures for a semester-length stay.

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Faculty Development Seminar

The Institute sponsors a Faculty Development Seminar every other year.

Members of the seminar travel to an international destination or set of destinations in order to enhance the international dimension of the Grinnell curriculum and individual faculty members' scholarship.

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Grinnell-India Faculty Exchange

Grinnell has created a faculty exchange agreement with Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), a research university in New Delhi, India. The Institute invites Grinnell faculty in the Humanities and Social Studies Divisions — including faculty whose teaching and research does not include India.

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