Contemporary German through Media

April 22, 2022

In Contemporary Germany Through Media (GRM 311), you will practice and refine your ability to use the German language while also learning about current events in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Throughout the course, students apply a multimedia focus to study current events in Germany and its neighboring countries. Through this multimedia lens, you will cultivate an understanding of how those events shape your thinking about similar trends in the United States.  

For example, says Dan Reynolds, professor of German studies and the Seth Richards Professor in Modern Languages, students in the course consider issues that are also of international concern, including the Black Lives Matter movement and climate change.

In GRM 311, students take a close look at many different forms of information and media, including opinion pieces, feature articles, news broadcasts, radio plays, advertisements, television shows, and films, Reynolds says.  

The global understanding and curiosity about the world that you develop in GRM 311 align with Grinnell’s commitment to diversity and social justice in the topics and voices it incorporates, Reynolds says. Not only will it introduce you to expanded aspects of German culture, but it will also foreground different cultural viewpoints, allowing you to question biases and assumptions.

Learning a second language gives students life-long skills and a broader understanding of the world around them. Grinnell students have the chance to study abroad in Germany or Austria, using the skills and knowledge they learned in class. This opportunity allows students to become more fluent in German and gain confidence in their German-speaking ability. Students will be able to use these skills and backgrounds in their career development. As they present themselves to future employers, they will be seen as internationally informed and aware of intercultural challenges.

Grinnell is proud of its innovative, hands-on learning throughout the majors and concentrations. GRM 311 fits within that liberal arts interdisciplinary framework, exploring the social, cultural, and political aspects of Germany.

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