Finding a Network of Support at Grinnell

June 18, 2022

When Elainia Gupta ’22 arrived at Grinnell from her hometown of Northfield, Illinois, to begin her undergraduate education, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do after graduation. She decided to study economics because it blended her interest in mathematics and data with contemporary issues.

“It was the perfect fit for me because I like math, but I am also very interested in the world around me,” Gupta says. “It uses mathematical tools to analyze real world problems. This is important because if you use data to examine those issues, you can find [out] which solutions work, and which ones don’t. For me, that is so exciting!”

Studying economics convinced her to successfully pursue a position as a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago after graduation. With help from the Center for Careers, Life, and Service (CLS), Gupta found internships, refined her resume, and prepared for interviews.

“[The CLS staff] were very influential in my career pursuit. I am confident that I would not have gotten my postgraduate job without their help,” says Gupta.

Along with support from the CLS, Gupta credits her success after graduation to the faculty members who have guided her. “Faculty members also were hugely important over the four years I have studied at Grinnell,” she says. Her adviser, Associate Professor Bradley Graham, helped her through her undergraduate education and helped her stay on track to graduate on time when Gupta took a year off because of the pandemic. Assistant Professor Tamara McGavock also encouraged her to refine her research project and supported her through the project.

“They were so helpful. If I could start college all over again, I would advise myself to meet as many people as possible,” Gupta says. “I have grown these past four years mostly because of the interactions I have had with my professors and peers. Getting to know friends and classmates who come from very different backgrounds than my own has changed my perspective on school and life. I would advise any new Grinnellian to talk to as many of their peers as possible!”

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