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Economics Department

Economics is the study of how society uses its scarce resources. The goal of the department is to promote an understanding of economic aspects of society and to develop each student's ability to reason about economic issues - that is, to provide a basis for intelligent, responsible participation in modern society. The major is comprised of eight, four credit Economics classes with accompanying course work in History and Mathematics. View more information about the major.

Department News

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Because Econ Is Awesome

Cora Touchstone ’19, a transfer student from Georgia, lights up when asked what she likes about econ.
Grinnellians at Women in Economics Symposium 2018

Economics Symposium Showcases Female Leaders in the Field

“It is important that young women who are pursuing degrees in economics hear from women in the field about opportunities and challenges,” said Mary Suiter, the St. Louis Fed’s economic education officer and an assistant vice president. “And it is crucial that these young women bring their perspectives, ideas, and talents to a profession that is still largely dominated by men.”

Expert Discussed DNA Databases, Deterrence and Detection of Offenders

Jen Doleac, director of Justice Tech Lab, discussed how collecting offender DNA profiles affects offenders’ later recidivism and likelihood of getting caught.

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