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Donald L. Wilson Program in Enterprise and Leadership

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The Wilson Program sponsors occasional campus events to promote discussion of enterprise, innovation, and leadership. Below we list recent campus events.

Mission & Goals

The Wilson Program provides opportunities to understand, critically evaluate, and practice enterprise, innovation, and leadership in the for-profit, non-profit, and governmental sectors. 

Enterprise, innovation, and leadership have been defined in many ways. To clarify the scope of the Wilson Program, we define 

Macy House

The Jesse Macy House at 1205 Park Street opened in spring 2008— a newly renovated home for many of the College's distinguished programs. The house brings together programs that regularly enrich the lives of Grinnellians by bringing special speakers and performers to campus, providing new and unusual research opportunities, and bridging the boundaries between academic disciplines.


Wilson Program in Enterprise and Leadership

Gain real-world experience, explore opportunities in business, government, and nonprofits, and learn from alumni. The Wilson Program supports interdisciplinary, discovery-mode liberal arts courses, funds mentored student internships in organizations throughout the world, and invites college alumni to return to campus to offer insights and salient experiences derived from creative careers and responsible leadership.