Angelo Mercado
Curriculum Vitae

Angelo O Mercado

Department chair of Classics
Offices, Departments, or Centers: Classics , Linguistics ,

Part of what attracted Angelo Mercado as a college freshman to Classical Latin was the language’s antiquity. It didn’t take long for Angelo to fall in love with its sound and rhythm. His excitement grew to include the comparison of texts from different languages, embracing Greek and languages of ancient Italy related to Latin, as well as other languages in the Indo-European family. His life’s pursuit thus became the description of ancient poetry as products of formal systems that descend from a common ancestor, aspects of which can be recovered in light of linguistic theory and methodology.

Professor Mercado is best known for his work on Old Latin and related Italic meters. Recently, he has published series of papers on meter in Italic prayer texts and on the role of word accent in Latin meters adapted from Greek, which are based on syllable duration.

As a teacher, Professor Mercado thrives on introducing students to ancient language and epic. He regularly teaches Tutorial on epic, “Ancient Greek World” (HUM-101), elementary–intermediate Latin (LAT-103 and 222), Vergil (LAT-323), and Indo-European language and culture (CLS|LIN-270). He has also taught mythology (CLS|GLS-242), gender and sexuality in ancient Greece and Italy (CLS-395), and Plautus in Latin (LAT-395).

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