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Discover the cultural richness of ancient Greece and Rome, and the beginnings of the liberal arts tradition. Classics at Grinnell includes not only the Greek and Latin languages, but also the history, literature, art, archaeology, mythology, and philosophy of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds. Study in Athens or Rome is available. Majors in classics go on to careers in many fields, including education, law, medicine, scientific research, business, and librarianship.

  • Monessa Cummins

    Grinnell Resources, Student Opportunities

    “I’m still amazed by the amount of resources that are available to students. . . At the very time when they're trying to figure out who they are and what they want to do, they have all these stimulating experiences that expose them to a much wider world, and they are in a better position to start making choices.”

    Monessa Cummins, associate professor of classics, explains how students begin preparing for careers from the moment they step foot on campus.

Fall 2020 First-Year Tutorials Offered by Classics Professors

Red room at the Palace at Knossos, Crete

Epic Heroes’ Journeys

With his students, Professor Mercado explored the stories of the sons of Pāṇḍu and of Odysseus, heroes of Indic and Greek epic known the world over who journey to find home or found a new one.

Silhouhette of a man and woman on an ancient Greek piece of pottery

Humanities I: The Ancient Greek World

Professor Joe Cummins offered his students an introduction to poetry, history, and philosophy by way of some of the most famous works produced in ancient Greece.

Department News

Athena Itonia profile on a coin

Athena Itonia: Geography and Meaning of an Ancient Greek War Goddess

With Athena Itonia: Geography and Meaning of an Ancient Greek War Goddess (Brill, 2019) Gerald V. Lalonde, Benedict Professor Emeritus of Classics, offers the first comprehensive history of the martial cult of Athena Itonia, from its origins in Greek prehistory to its demise in the Roman imperial age. This will be an indispensable volume for all interested in the social, political, and military uses of ancient Greek religious cult and the geography, chronology, and circumstances of its propagation among Greek poleis and federations.

Nora and Ben place a greek vase in a spectrometer machine

Chemical Connections: Classics and Chemistry Collide with Research on Greek Vase

What’s the connection between olive oil, an ancient Greek vase, and X-ray fluorescence analysis? That’s exactly what Nora Madrigal ’19 and Ben Hoekstra ’19 sought to find out from a research project in their Chemistry 358: Instrumental Analysis class.

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