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Susan J. Ferguson


Susan Ferguson is Professor of Sociology at Grinnell College, where she has taught for over 20 years. Ferguson regularly teaches Introduction to Sociology, and her critically acclaimed anthology, Mapping the Social Landscape: Readings in Sociology (McGraw-Hill, 2013) is used in introductory classes around the country. Ferguson also teaches courses on the family, medical sociology, and a new seminar on social inequality and identity. Ferguson has published in all of these areas, including the research collection, Breast Cancer: Society Shapes an Epidemic (with co-editor Anne Kasper, Palgrave, 2000), Shifting the Center: Understanding Contemporary Families (McGraw-Hill, 2011), and most recently, Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Social Class: Dimensions of Inequality (Sage, 2013). In addition, Ferguson is the General Editor for €œContemporary Family Perspectives,€ which is a series of research monographs and short texts on the family (Sage Publications). 

At this time, Ferguson also is a trained department consultant and member of the Department Resources Group for the American Sociological Association. ASA Consultants are hired to review departments, help with assessment, mentor sociology colleagues, or address particular concerns with curriculum or departmental structure. Ferguson also is active in the ASA Section on Teaching and Learning, and she regularly offers teaching workshops at regional and national meetings. 


Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3133

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On-Campus Address: 

106 Carnegie Hall
Grinnell, IA
United States

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