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Nancy L Rempel-Clower

Nancy Rempel-Clower
Associate Professor

I use behavioral and neuroanatomical techniques to study the role of prefrontal cortex in emotion and memory. My current work focuses on understanding the contributions of distinct regions of the rat prefrontal cortex to emotional memory.

Campus Phone: 

(641) 269-3034


(641) 269-4984

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On-Campus Address: 

1608 Science
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

Education / Degrees: 

Ph.D., University of California-San Diego B.A., Bethel College

Courses Taught: 

Psy 113: Introduction to Psychology Psy 246: Physiological Psychology Psy 336: Advanced Behavioral Neuroscience Psy 495: Senior Seminar Nrs 495: Neuroscience Seminar Tutorial: Misbehavior of Memory

Primary Academic Interest: 

Behavioral Neuroscience