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Royce studies spherical virtual knots, a concept defined and explored by his summer research students. Characterizing these knots relies on interplay between combinatorics, topology and algebra. Royce plays piano and gives recitals on a regular basis, both solo and with others. He provides percussive harmony on the keyboard for the Prairie Jewels, a local Dixieland band. The best way to do well in Royce's classes is to ask lots of questions.

Campus Phone: 
(641) 269-4209


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On-Campus Address: 
2521 Science
Grinnell, IA
United States
Education / Degrees: 
M.A., Ph.D., University of California - Berkeley B.A., California State University - Northridge
Courses Taught: 
MAT-123: Functions and Differential Calculus MAT-124: Functions and Integral Calculus MAT-131: Calculus I MAT-133: Calculus II MAT-215: Linear Algebra MAT-220: Differential Equations MAT-271: Problem Solving Seminar MAT-321: Foundations of Abstract Algebra MAT-324: Number Theory Tutorial: "Icelandic Sagas"
Primary Academic Interest: 
Spherical virtual knots
Associate Professor