Biological Chemistry Faculty

Assistant Professor

Department Chair, Biological Chemistry

I am interested in microbial diversity and bacterial adaptations to the environment.  I currently work with undergraduate researchers on two... read more

DeRidder ben
Assistant Professor

Plant Molecular Biology

My research focuses on the response of plants to environmental stress at the molecular and biochemical levels, and utilizes both crop and model plant species. Most... read more


Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology

I am interested in DNA repair mechanisms and recombination. These processes are essential for the protection of organisms from DNA-damaging agents such... read more

Associate Professor

We study the molecular pharmacology of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs). These ligand-gated ion channels are the seat of nicotine addiction and are implicated in a wide range of... read more


Professor Marzluff teaches Physical Chemistry (CHM 363, 364), General 
Chemistry (CHM 129), Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry (CHM 210) as well as 
the Policy Studies seminar (PST320... read more

Assistant Professor

Current focus of the lab - in a nutshell.

The actin-based motor protein called myosin-10 appears to contribute to the proper structure and function of the mitotic spindle,... read more

Associate Professor

email: sieckste[at]grinnell[dot]edu


Professor Sieck's research is focused on the development of new synthetic organic methodology to... read more


Cell Biology / Developmental Biology

I am interested in the formation of sensory structures during neural development in vertebrate embryos. Most of my work with students at Grinnell has... read more

Dack Professor of Chemistry

Department Chair, Chemistry

Associate Professor

Professor Trimmer is interested in the structure and mechanism of enzymes. Her research has focused on enzymes that perform oxidation/reduction reactions using the coenzyme flavin. She is... read more