Associate Professor - Department Chair

Professor Sieck's research is focused on the development of new synthetic organic methodology to generate biologically active molecules.

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Professor, Emeritus

Research Professor Erickson has maintained an active research program in nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) spectroscopy, the co-ordination chemistry of platinum group metals, kinetics and... See full profile

Heriberto Hernandez
Associate Professor - General Science Department Chair
Maisha Kamunde-Devonish
Assistant Professor

Professor Kamunde-Devonish studies inorganic chemistry. Her research is focused on the synthetic design of metal complexes that can serve as models for metalloenzymes, and studying the... See full profile

Hanna Key
Assistant Professor

Scholarly Interests

Biological phenomena have long inspired the problems that organic chemists approach and the solutions that organic chemists develop.  My research explores the... See full profile

Assistant Professor

Professor Leggans primary responsibilities are teaching the introductory course and laboratories for the Organic Chemistry (CHM 221-222) and General Chemistry (CHM 129). His research... See full profile

Associate Dean of the College

We study the molecular pharmacology of neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs). These ligand-gated ion channels are the seat of nicotine addiction and are implicated in a... See full profile


Research:  Professor Lyons' research interests center around a class of materials called electrolytes which are ion conducting solutions (liquids or solids). The topic encompasses... See full profile

Elaine Marzluff profile photo
Breid-McFarland Professor of Science

Professor Marzluff teaches Physical Chemistry (CHM 363, 364), General Chemistry (CHM 129), Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry (CHM 210) as well as the Policy Studies seminar (PST320)... See full profile

Professor, Senior Faculty

Research Professor Minelli's research deals with the synthesis and characterization of molybdenum compounds. Molybdenum compounds act as catalysts for a number of processes, among them... See full profile

Associate Professor

Research Professor Mobley's research interests involve the application of physical organic techniques to organometallic compounds. His current research involves the synthesis of... See full profile

Corasi Ortiz
Assistant Professor
Associate Professor

Professor Sharpe is interested in the development of environmental chemical sensors based on fluorescent, powdered, semiconductor materials. He and his students have found that these... See full profile

Dack Professor of Chemistry
Director of the 1995-1997 and 2005-2008 Noyce Science Center Renovation and Expansion Projects. Dean of the College and Vice President of Academic Affairs, 1998-2008. Chair of the Science... See full profile

Professor Trimmer is interested in the structure and mechanism of enzymes. Her research has focused on enzymes that perform oxidation/reduction reactions using the coenzyme flavin. ... See full profile