Leslie Lyons, Professor of Chemistry, works with a student in one of the labs in Noyce


A personalized learning laboratory.

Dynamic classes, laboratory research, and multiple means of interacting with faculty allow you to develop a personalized major that fits your individual learning style. As a chemistry major you’ll gain hands-on experience with modern instrumentation as you couple creative thought with experimentation. All of this will prepare you for a career in chemical research, education, the medical or engineering professions, or to pursue graduate work in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology, environmental science, geology, materials science, or many other areas of study.

Department News

Leslie Lyons, Luther Erickson, and Jenny Erickson

Professor Leslie Lyons is awarded the Luther & Jenny Erickson Endowed Professor of Chemistry

An outpouring of support from the former students of Luther Erickson, a professor emeritus of chemistry, and Jenny Erickson, retired Forum director, has…

Yellow wildflowers blooming in a new prairie planting on North Campus

Renewable Energy, Native Pollinators, Stormwater Reclamation

These are just a few of the sustainable environmental practices Grinnell College uses to be a responsible steward of natural resources.
Chemistry graduates and faculty outside on commencement stage

Chemistry majors graduate in class of ’21

Congratulations to our chemistry majors graduating in the class of ’21!

Featured Research

Lee Sharpe

Lee Sharpe’s Recent Publications

LaFexCo(1–x)O3 Thin-Film Oxygen Reduction Catalysts Prepared Using Spray Pyrolysis without Conductive Additives
Authors: Dilek Dervishogullari, Christopher A. Sharpe, and Lee R. Sharpe

Spray Pyrolysis as a Combinatorial Method for the Generation of Photocatalyst Libraries
Authors: Jordan S. Compton, Christi A. Peterson, Dilek Dervishogullari, and Lee R. Sharpe

Sources of Obsidian for the Sinagua of Northern Arizona (USA)
Authors: John C. Whittaker, Daniel Dong KeunLee, Lee Sharpe, and Jeffrey R. Ferguson

Heriberto Hernandez

Heriberto Hernandez’s Recent Publications

Role of Sterics in Phosphine-Ligated Gold Clusters
Katherine A. Parrish, Mary King, Marshall R. Ligare, Grant E. Johnson, and Heriberto Hernández

Light Exposure Promotes Degradation of Intermediates and Growth of Phosphine-Ligated Gold Clusters
Michael A. Hewitt, Heriberto Hernández, and Grant E. Johnson

ESI-MS Identification of the Cationic Phosphine-Ligated Gold Clusters Au1−22: Insight into the Gold−Ligand Ratio and Abundance of Larger Clusters
Michael A. Hewitt, Heriberto Hernández, and Grant E. Johnson

Andrew Graham

Andrew Graham’s Recent Publications

Nutrient capture in an Iowa farm pond: Insights from high-frequency observations
Authors: Christopher Brunet, Eva R C Gemrich, Savanna Biedermann, Peter J Jacobson, Keith E Schilling, Christopher S Jones, Andrew M Graham

Dimethylmercury Degradation by Dissolved Sulfide and Mackinawite
Johannes West, Andrew M Graham, Van Liem-Nguyen, and Sofi Jonsson

Department Information


Noyce Science Center
1116 Eighth Ave
Grinnell, IA 50112
United States

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