Associate Professor - Department Chair
Kelly Herold has spent several summers, a spring and two winters in Russia. Her research on memoir and travel writing has taken her to Dublin, London and Prague. She has written commentary... See this person's full profile
Tim Arner
Associate Professor

Tim Arner specializes in medieval literature. His research and teaching interests include the writings of Geoffrey Chaucer, the influence of classical texts on Middle English poetry, and... See full profile

Associate Professor
Brigittine French
Professor - Peace and Conflict Studies Department Chair
Chair, Peace and Conflict Studies Committee

Brigittine French earned a PhD from the University of Iowa in 2001 and joined the Anthropology Department at Grinnell College in 2003. French is a linguistic anthropologist whose primary... See full profile

Assistant Professor

On Leave Fall 2017

Cynthia Hansen began teaching in the Linguistics Concentration at Grinnell in January 2012.  Her research focuses on the documentation and linguistic... See full profile

Cori Jakubiak
Assistant Professor

Cori guides students and pre-service teachers in studying and teaching English as a Second Language. Her research focuses on critical issues in English language education. In particular... See full profile

Chisato Kojima

I was always fascinated by languages, especially by language sounds. Doing research within theoretical frameworks in linguistics made me more intrigued by how languages are intricate yet... See full profile

Associate Professor

Philologie nämlich ist jene ehrwürdige Kunst, welche von ihrem Verehrer vor Allem Eins heischt, bei Seite gehn, sich Zeit lassen, still werden, langsam werden—, als eine... See full profile

Associate Professor - Spanish Department Chair