First year students from the class of 2021 receive their medallion's during a ceremony at Herrick Chapel

Our Visual Language

Our Visual Identity

Grinnell’s visual identity represents the institution at the most basic visual level. It’s a signature, a stamp of quality, and a symbol of pride for all of us to rally behind. By following a few simple guidelines, we can ensure that our identity remains unmistakably ours.


Our logo has been updated so that it's easier to use in a variety of scenarios, including on the web, in digital applications, and in smaller instances in print. Additionally, we have updated the typeface in the logo to better match our evolved brand, our institutional traits, and our academic reputation.

Grinnell College primary logo

Master Logo

The singular expression of Grinnell’s institutional mission and academic brand.

Our logo is the primary identifier for the college, connecting all entities within our institution. It has two parts: the laurel leaves and the wordmark. It’s a symbol of what we stand for, and should always be used in accordance with these guidelines.

Primary lockup for Division of Social Studies

Logo with Primary Lockup

These entities are directly connected to the master logo, with the role of furthering the mission of the college and delivering on the student experience. They must be tied to the master brand logo to reinforce its strength, and they build on the equity of Grinnell College to elevate their individual reputation.
There are four categories within this group, covering both academic and administrative entities. All of the categories use the same lockup structure, with the Grinnell logo and the full name of the entity.

  • Academic divisions, departments, and concentrations
  • Academic centers and institutes
  • Academic programs and entities
  • Administrative offices and resources

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Secondary lock up for Center for Careers Life and Service Global Fellowship and Awards

Logo with Secondary Lockup

There are two categories of these entities: academic and administrative. Both use the same lockup structure.

  • Academic programs
  • Administrative center, offices and organizations 

Endorsed Logos

Endorsed logos for golf course, bookshop, museum, and honor G

These are entities that reach beyond the college. They may have their own brand equity or distinction, or may serve additional audiences outside the college. In some instances, these entities may maintain a distinct identity or mark, used in conjunction with the master logo or the Grinnell College name. It’s important to note that Grinnell College Athletics is included in this category. Athletics maintains its own identity and spirit mark; the use of the master logo is not recommended.

Typography icon


Grinnell’s typography is flexible enough to meet a wide range of situations and requirements. When it’s used thoughtfully and consistently, typography becomes a powerful branding tool that can add visual meaning to what we communicate.

The official font families are Futura and Freight.

  • Futura Font


    Futura is a classic sans-serif font that works well for large, expressive headlines, subheads, callouts, and even body copy. The typeface has a modern but friendly appeal with classic proportions perfect for all-caps use.

    Note: Futura Condensed is not permitted.

  • Freight font sample


    Freight Text Pro functions well for headlines and body copy. Its geometric structure and slab serifs create a textural contrast to Futura.

Licensing and Implementation

The Futura and Freight font family can be purchased directly online at At this time the College does not have an institutional license.

Futura® Pro Family (10 styles)

Freight Display Pro (12 styles)

Alternative System Fonts

Our brand fonts may not always be available to everyone for use in Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, or other digital applications.

The alternate fonts listed here are freely available on all computers. 

  • Arial is the acceptable substitute for Futura.

  • Georgia is the acceptable substitute for Freight Text Pro.

Paint Palette icon

Color Palette

Our color palette is simple and sophisticated. It relies mainly on PMS 485 for identity elements and black. Bright and dark accent colors and secondary tints are for additional levels of content in layouts. 

Many factors contribute to consistent and accurate color reproduction. These include always using the correct color formulas, using quality papers when printing, and choosing qualified people and machines that put color on paper. Screen-based applications must follow similar care and consistency.

  • Red PMS 485

    Grinnell College Red

    PMS 485
    C:0% M:95% Y:100% K:0%
    R:218 G:41 B:28
    HEX: #DA291C

  • 100% Black


    C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:100%
    R:0 G:0 B:0
    HEX: #000000

Supporting Accent Colors:

The vibrant colors of this palette bring intensity and youthfulness to the visual brand. Each bright accent color has a corresponding dark color to provide balance and flexibility in color-driven layouts.
These individual colors are not intended to be assigned to particular divisions or programs.

PMS 7580

Burnt Orange

PMS 7580

C:0% M:76% Y:79% K:10%

R:219 G:90 B:60


PMS 339 color swatch


PMS 339

C:84% M:0% Y:59% K:0% 

R:0 G:179 B:136

HEX: 00B388

PMS 7678 color swatch


PMS 7678

C:61% M:64% Y:3% K:0%

R.117 G.102 B.160

HEX: 7566A0



PMS 7409

C:0% M:31% Y:100% K:00%

R.240 G.179 B.35




PMS 647

C:96% M:54% Y:5% K:20%

R.35 G.97 B.146

HEX: 236192


PMS 188 color swatch


PMS 188

C:16% M:100% Y:65% K:58% 

R.118 G.35 B.47

HEX: 76232F

PMS 3305 color swatch


PMS 3305

C:92% M:25% Y:70% K:68%

R.0 G.78 B.66

HEX: 004E42

PMS 669 color swatch

Dark Purple

PMS 669

C:87% M:97% Y:8% K:49% 

R.63 G.42 B.86

HEX: 3F2A56



PMS 7568

C:15% M:67% Y:100% K:65%

R.119 G.81 B.53

HEX: 775135




PMS 303

C:100% M:47% Y:22% K: 82%

R.0 G.42 B.82

HEX: 002A3A

85% black

85% Black

85% Black

C:0% M:0% Y:0% K:85%

R.77 G.77 B.79


Secondary Tints

The secondary tints provide a base for all other colors to interact. They provide a warm, cool, or neutral tone to layouts. They can also take on a more detailed role in coloring text in a layout, creating a subtle tone or softening type over dense color or photography.

PMS 7499 Tint

Yellow Tint

PMS 7499

C.1 M.2 Y.24 K.0

R.251 G.238 B.1216


PMS 552 Blue Tint

Blue Tint

PMS 552

C.12 M.1 Y.12 K.2

R.225 G.231 B.242


Cool Gray Tint

Cool Gray Tint

Cool Gray 1

C.4 M.2 Y.4 K.8

R.229 G.230 B.228


Camera icon


Photography is a compelling tool for portraying the diverse and dynamic nature of our community. It can quickly capture the Grinnell experience and connect deeply with people. 

The words we use can describe what we’re doing to challenge convention and shape the future. But it’s our images that actually shows it.

Photography plays a major role in how we communicate. Whether you’re pulling from our existing library or you’re shooting new images, each photograph should focus on one of the following categories:

  • Students playing soccer on MAC field


    These are the spaces that foster our community. It’s important to show them authentically, so these shots should always feel natural and include people. Some scenes will include architecture, and composition will be an important tool in telling our story in a compelling way.

  • Students dancing during ISO cultural night

    Community and Academics

    Photos in this category should express a sense of community that can only happen at Grinnell. This is the chance to capture the culture as it happens during student and alumni events—on campus, in Iowa, and beyond.

  • Skateboard rack in JRC


    Showing the details that make up Grinnell can complete a story or illustrate an idea. These images should never be the focus of a communication piece, nor should they shift the visual story to lose sight of the people who live among these details.

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