Room Draw Procedures

General Information

In February, students receive their newly assigned Room Draw Number via email.  Your Room Draw number is your class year/status and a unique, randomly assigned number. This number determines sequential order for Room Draw purposes such as Sub-Free and Regular Room Draw, Off-Campus requests, and Seniority Special Draws. Students are first grouped by their current class year/status (as determined by the Registrar) then sorted by their randomly assigned Room Draw number.

Class year/status is determined by the Registrar and indicates the total number of semesters completed.  You must contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions about your class status.  

Class year/status does not advance for each term a student is not enrolled. Students who take a leave of absence or are suspended for any reason do not advance in class year/status for the semester(s) they are not enrolled.  Students approved for early graduation do not advance in class year/status until the semester of their anticipated graduation.

All students must attend Room Draw unless:

  • Participating in an off-campus study program or taking a medical/personal leave in the fall semester or full academic year.
  • Awarded a Special Residence Draw or accepted permission to live off-campus.
  • Selected as a CA, HC, FC, Language Assistant, or BCC/Grinnell House Monitor.

Entrance into Harris Center Concert Hall will be according to class status and random number assignment. Students drawing into a double room will choose their room using the best class status and lowest randomly assigned room draw number.  If two roommates have the same class status, they will attend the draw using the lower room draw number.  Rising second year students attending Room Draw are not eligible for single rooms and must plan to have a roommate. 

Substance-free Room Draw

In order to participate in the Substance-Free Room Draw, students must sign up by the deadline.  If your preferred type of substance-free room or residence hall is not available at your draw time, you may:

  • Decline substance-free housing and return for Regular Room Draw; OR
  • Request to be placed on the Substance-Free Waitlist (forms will be available at Room Draw).

Room Draw Attendance

Students unable to attend Regular Room Draw or Substance-Free Room Draw may have a student proxy or Residence Life representative select a room for them. The draw will proceed without students who are late or absent. Students late for Room Draw may select a room upon arrival during the designated time period. Students who miss Room Draw must complete a Room Request Form and will be assigned a room by Residence Life staff during the summer.

9th Semester Seniors

Full-time 9th semester seniors may live in student residences or receive automatic approval to live off-campus. Students who choose to live in the residence halls will be given an assignment on a 'space available' basis following Room Draw. Students will provide their residential preferences to the Residence Life Department, and every attempt will be made to meet preferences. For clarification of 9th semester or early graduation policies and procedures, please review Requirements for Graduation or refer to the "Requirements for Early Graduation" and "Requirements for a 9th Semester" section in the Student Handbook.

Room Draw Manipulation and Unapproved Room Changes

A Room Draw Manipulation and Unapproved Room Change policy has been implemented to assure the most equitable Room Draw and room change process possible.  The intent of this policy is to prevent manipulation prior to and during Room Draw, and to deter students from bypassing the system in place for room changes.  Exceptions to the items outlined below must be approved by the Residence Life Department.

  1. Students who drew into singles are not allowed to swap rooms with other students in any other room without permission from the Residence Life Department.
  2. Students are not allowed to move into a vacancy within any room without permission from Residence Life.
  3. Students may not change room assignments/swap rooms without permission from the Residence Life Department.
  4. Room Draw number switching is not allowed and will not be approved at any time for any reason.

Students found in violation of the above may be moved to 'end of class year placement' at Spring Room Draw.

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