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Need to Talk?

24/7 Counseling Hotline

Whatever you're going through, we're here.

Grinnell College’s Student Health and Wellness (SHAW) has expanded its mental health services to now offer a 24/7 crisis hotline for Grinnell College students to have immediate access to support and consultation. Students can call the hotline at any time (even when SHAW is open) to speak with a trained counseling professional who is also familiar with the range of resources available at Grinnell. Whether you’re feeling lonely, depressed, or going through a recent breakup — our crisis line is always available when you need it, no registration necessary!

Just pick up the phone and dial: 641-269-4404. Program it into your phone so you always have it handy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Calls to the hotline are confidential; the only exceptions are those that are required by law.

To give students a safe space, most students will not receive a return call after contacting the Need to Talk line. Students can follow up with a staff therapist at Student Health and Wellness the next business day by contacting 641-269-3230.

There are situations, such as urgent calls or safety concerns, in which a staff therapist at Student Health and Wellness will follow up with the caller.

The phone counselors can notify appropriate personnel on campus if needed.

However, if you or someone else is in immediate danger to themselves or others, call 911, 988, or campus safety at 641-269-4600.

It will be a licensed counselor (not SHAW staff) who is familiar with Grinnell College and our resources.

If something is really bothering you or a friend, please call, whatever the specific reason.

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