Frequently Asked Questions about the Cashier Office

The staff of the Cashier Office has collected some of the common questions and listed them with our answers below.

Do I have to enroll in the college health insurance plan?

All students are required to carry health insurance. All students are billed for the insurance on the Fall billing statement. If a student has coverage under a different plan, the charges will be removed upon the receipt of the completed online waiver form, thereby indicating waiver of coverage and listing the plan under which the student is covered. Visit our Student Health Insurance page for more details.

Why do I need a damage deposit?

The $100 damage deposit is required separate from the advance tuition deposit. This deposit serves as a key deposit and damage deposit for the residence halls and for any fines or charges at the end of each semester. Prior to registration each fall, the $100 level must be replenished.

What is a Campus Cash account?

A Campus Cash account is an account designed for Grinnell College students, faculty and staff to access various services on campus by using their Pioneer One-Card.

How do I deposit money into a Campus Cash account?

Deposits can be made to a Campus Cash account by using cash, personal checks, a credit card, or transferring a credit balance from the student's tuition account. A Campus Cash machine located on campus, accepting cash transactions only, is outside Crady Mail Services in the Joe Rosefield '25 Center. In the event you wish to use a personal check or transfer a credit balance, you will need to visit or telephone the Cashier Office located at the John Chrystal Center. Online deposits can be made using a credit card at

Where can I use the Campus Cash account?

Students, faculty, and staff can access their Campus Cash accounts at the following locations:

Grinnell College Bookstore, Mail Services, Spencer Grill, Marketplace Dining, Bob's Underground, the Grinnell College Library and most campus vending machines.

When I have been assigned a work study job, what forms must I complete in order to be paid?

The forms that must be completed include: the State W-4 form, the Federal W-4 form, and Form I-9 from the U.S. Department of Justice.

What documents are necessary for me to complete the forms?

In order to complete the I-9, please view the list of acceptable documents which can be found here:

Where can I complete the forms?

These forms can be completed, with the proper documents, at the Cashier Office located in the John Chrystal Center.

My work-study award does not appear as a credit on my billing statement - why not?

A work-study award allows a student to earn wages from a part time job in order to help pay for college.

The work award does not appear as a credit on the student account, instead the student is allowed to begin the semester still owing this amount.

Students are responsible for making regular payments throughout the semester in order to have the work-study balance paid in full by the time the semester ends.

Students choose whether to credit their earnings to their student account, to have them direct deposited to a bank account, or a combination of the two.