Monthly Payment Plan

Tuition Payment Plans

New contracts for the 2018–19 academic year are available for setup beginning May 31, 2018.

Tuition payment plans will now be offered through the same portal as our online payments.  You can conveniently set up an interest-free payment plan in the same area you currently view student account balances.

For anyone other than the student that wishes to set up a payment plan, the student will need to give you access as an authorized user in TouchNet’s site before you can setup a plan if they have not done so already.

Determining the Payment Plan Amount

The plan is available by semester only.

Tuition, fees, room, board, student health insurance ($1,687.00 if required, billed fall semester only) and any applicable aid or estimated college savings plan payments should be taken into consideration when determining the amount of your payment plan.

You are responsible for calculating an amount that will cover your costs.

If your statement has not been issued yet or does not include all expected charges or credits, you must estimate your payment plan based on your anticipated tuition fee, room fee, meal plan and financial aid award letter.

Visit our tuition and fees website that lists Comprehensive Fees for the current academic year.

The fees listed at this site are for the full year and will need to be divided in half when determining your plan amount. Your meal plan fee may be different if you have chosen one other than the full meal plan.

Managing Multiple Users Per Plan

Each student can have only one payment plan per semester.

Either a student or an authorized user can set up the plan.

If multiple authorized users will be making payments towards a student’s account, the student must initiate the payment plan.

Each authorized user will be responsible to pay their agreed upon portion of the plan each month to avoid any late fees or plan cancelation.

Banking information is confidential and each user will be able to see and access only their own information.

Any authorized user can make payments on a plan that the student has set up, but a student cannot make payments on a plan set up by an authorized user.

Authorized users can set up a contract using the TouchNet site (students will login through GrinnellShare). 

Students: Setting Up Authorized Users

  1. Students login to GrinnellShare
  2. Under the Student tab, choose Student On-line Billing.
  3. Click Make a Payment and select the Authorized Users link.
  4. Enter your preferred email address, and follow the instructions.

The authorized user will then receive an email with a link to the TouchNet login page and a temporary password.

The first time you log in with your temporary password, you will be prompted to change the password.

Enrolling in a Payment Plan

During the enrollment period for payment plans, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into the TouchNet Student Account Center
    1. Click the Payment Plans tab
  2. Click Enroll Now
  3. Select the term, review and select an available plan
    1. Enter the desired amount of contract in Charges box, tab over for Update Schedule box to appear.
  4. Click Update Schedule. Payment amounts and due dates will display
    1. Select whether or not you would like automatic monthly payments
    2. Click Continue
  5. In the Payment Method list, select the preferred payment method. Options are:
    • New Electronic Check
    • Credit card
    • Previously stored information

The $35 enrollment fee will be charged immediately, and monthly payments will automatically post on the due dates for automatic payments.

  1. Read the Payment Plan Agreement
    1. Click I Agree
    2. Click Continue
  2. Read the Payment method agreement
    1. Click  I agree to the above terms and conditions box
    2. Click Continue


Nonrefundable Fees

  • $35 enrollment fee per semester
  • $25 fee for returned check due to insufficient funds
  • $10 fee for payment reversal if incorrect account number is provided

Late Fees

A late fee of $20 will be billed to the student account for any unpaid portion of the monthly installment due if not paid by the due date.

Plans will terminate after two unpaid installments.

If a termination occurs students are not guaranteed eligibility for a payment plan in future semesters.

Making Changes to or Canceling a Plan

To make changes or cancel a payment plan, please contact the Office of Student Accounts. You are responsible for any balance due after the plan has been cancelled.