Linguistics at Grinnell is offered as a concentration in which you explore how to describe and analyze language through the lens of several disciplines. Concentrators take core courses in theoretical linguistics; elective courses drawn from anthropology, computer science, education, English, the foreign languages, philosophy, and psychology; and an advanced seminar or senior thesis.  The concentration complements a variety of majors, and the analytical skills you develop can be applied to graduate study or to careers in writing, publishing, advertising, computing, government, teaching, and more.

2017 Linguistics and Independent Majors

Front Row:

Brianna Wilson, Sandy Barnard,  Becca Siglin, Maggie Bell, Cynthia Hansen, Angelo Mercado

Back Row:

Nathan Ford, Alex French, Scout Slava-Ross, Bradie Connor, Carmen Valentin, Tim Arner


World-renowned phonologist Armin Mester will present work he has been developing with collaborators that seeks to explain the complex sound patterns in adapting a batter’s name for use in Japanese baseball chant of the type “kattobase ...” ‘let it fly, ...!’​