About the Center for the Humanities

Since 2001, the Center for the Humanities has advocated for the essential role of humanistic and interdisciplinary inquiry in Grinnell’s liberal arts mission.

Over the years we have worked to create diverse programs working toward this end:

  • we regularly host distinguished scholars on campus for public talks and class visits,
  • we sponsor a seminar for students built around the work of campus visitors,
  • we create opportunities for faculty from across the curriculum to present and discuss their research, and
  • we cosponsor an incredible variety of programming with partners from across the campus community.

The center also supports local community organizations — including the public school system and arts organizations — that promote the value of literacy and creative expression in children’s lives.

We are always thinking about new ways to promote and advocate for the humanities broadly conceived, and hope that you will join us in ensuring that humanistic inquiry continues to be a lifeblood of intellectual community and public life at Grinnell.