Student and Faculty Research

Faculty Research Interests

Charvann Bailey - Cancer biology

David Campbell - Pathobiology; ecology of tropical forests, particularly in the Brazilian Amazon, Belize and tropical China

Ben DeRidder - Plant molecular biology and biochemistry; plant responses to environmental stress

Vince Eckhart - Plant ecology and evolution; evolution of life history and reproductive systems

Leslie Gregg-Jolly - Molecular biology and microbial genetics; DNA repair and recombination in bacteria

Shannon Hinsa-Leasure - Microbiology and environmental microbiology; characterization of biofilm formation by Psychrobacter

Kathryn Jacobson - Community structure and population biology; macro-fungi in Iowa ecosystems and deserts

Peter Jacobson - Aquatic ecology and conservation biology; ecology of desert rivers and riparian ecosystems

Clark Lindgren - Neurophysiology; control of neurotransmitter release at the chemical synapse

Vida Praitis - Cell and molecular biology

Elizabeth Queathem - Comparative physiology; functional morphology

Josh Sandquist - Cell and molecular biology; the role of the cytoskeleton in various biological processes

Student Research Opportunities

Off Campus Study for Biology Majors

See this list of Off Campus Study opportunities which are approved for Biology credit.

Research Links

Current Grinnell College students will find a list of research opportunities on the Science Division GrinnellShare site (login required). You will find descriptions for research projects with professors on campus, as well as a number of off-campus opportunities. 

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