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Our biology curriculum is among the nation’s most innovative; from your very first class, you learn how to think like a biologist, investigating and interpreting life processes. Biology intersects with many interdisciplinary studies and students are encouraged to participate in off-campus study and independent research, which may include the Conard Environmental Research Area and can prepare you for advanced study or a career in medicine, research, education, environmental science, health, conservation, or other fields.

Navigating our curriculum: Questions, answers, and information to help students successfully choose courses in Biology.

Department News

photo of Listeria infecting a cell

Biology Seminar - Nov. 13 at 11 a.m.

Dr. Lilliana Radoshevich '04 Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunology University of Iowa will be presenting: Exploiting Redox Biochemistry and Cancer Biology for Improving Cancer Therapy: From the Bench to the Bedside.

Faulconer Gallery Exhibition Explores the Relationship Between Art and Biology

Making Life Visible opens Feb. 2 and features works from 16 contemporary artists and scientists.

Science Students Present Research at Regional Conference

Science students from thirteen institutions gather annually to present research.

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