Mathematics Course Sequence

Requirements for Math Majors

  1. 32 credits (not including MAT-115, MAPs, or independent studies)
  2. At least 16 credits at the 300-400 level
  3. 316, 321, and a 300-level sequence; sequences include 335-336, 316-317, or 321-322.

The following graphic gives an overview of the course sequence described on the Major and Requirements page.

Course flowchart for the Mathematics major, which is described in detail in the Academic Catalog.

Tentative Upcoming Subjects for Advanced Topics Courses and Senior Seminar


  • MAT 317: Experimental Analysis
  • MAT 322: Elliptic Curves
  • MAT 444: Topics in Topology


  • MAT 317: Geometric Analysis
  • MAT 322: Algebraic Combinatorics and Graph Theory
  • MAT 444: Simulation Methods in Statistics


  • MAT 317: Numerical Analysis
  • MAT322: TBA
  • MAT444: Riemann Surfaces

Course Information

Find the Academic Catalog or the Live Schedule of Courses at the Office of the Registrar