Mathematics Course Sequence

Requirements for Math Majors

  1. 32 credits (not including MAT-115, MAPs, or independent studies)
  2. At least 16 credits at the 300-400 level
  3.  and a 300-level sequence; sequences include 313-314, 316-317, 321-322, or 335-336

The following graphic gives an overview of the course sequence described on the Major and Requirements page.

Math and Stats flow chart 2023

The diagram provides a flow chart of all the mathematics and statistics courses offered at Grinnell with arrows to indicate prerequisites.

In the center is a rectangle with the core courses: 131: Calculus 1 (or the year-long equivalent sequence 123: Functions and Differential Calculus  and 124: Functions and Integral Calculus., offered in the fall and spring, respectively) followed by 131: Calculus II, followed by 215: Linear Algebra, followed by 218 (or 222): Bridges to Advanced Mathematics. Finally inside of the main box are the two required foundations courses for the major: 316: Foundations of Analysis, and 321: Foundations of Algebra.

To the right of the rectangle are applied math courses: 220: Differential Equations which is a prerequisite to 306 Math Modeling (offered every even year in the spring).  220: Differential Equations is a co-requisite for 313: Numerical Analysis offered in the fall, which itself is a prerequisite for 314: Advanced Topics in Applied Math (offered every spring).

Below the main rectangle are three followup courses: 317 Advanced Topics in Analysis offered in the fall and which has 316 as a prerequisite, 322 Advanced Topics in Algebra offered in the spring and which has 321 as a prerequisite, and 444: Senior Seminar offered in the spring with both 316 and 321 as prerequisites.

To the left of the main rectangle are the statistics courses.  115: Introduction to Statistics is a stand-alone course that is not a prerequisite for further statistics courses.  209: Applied Statistics requires 131: Calculus I as a prerequisite, and then 230: Intro to Data Science requires 209 as a prerequisite.

The 335-336 sequence: Probability and Statistics I and II, are taught in the fall and spring, respectively and require two of the following courses as prerequisites: 209, 215, 218, 220, 222.  The course 330: Applied Data Science, offered every spring requires Computer Science 207 and one of 320, 306, and 310.  Either 209, or 230 or 336 are prerequisites for 309: Design of Experiments (taught every spring) and 310: Statistical Modeling.  Finally 340: Bayesian Statistics is offered every odd year in the fall and the prerequisites are one of 309, 310, and 335.

Course Information

Find the Academic Catalog or the Live Schedule of Courses at the Office of the Registrar

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