Sociology Resources

Graduating with Honors

To be considered for honors in sociology, graduating seniors, in addition to meeting the College's general requirements for honors, which includes a minimum 3.5 GPA in sociology and a cumulative GPA of 3.4, must:

  1. complete both the recommended and required coursework for the major,
  2. have conducted original research which seeks to examine a sociological problem or question, presented the work publicly, and is judged worthy of honors by departmental consensus, and
  3. exemplify professionalism in fulfilling commitments voluntarily undertaken within the department and/or the discipline.

Cognate Credits

Deadlines: Oct. 15 / March 15

The Sociology Department at Grinnell College invites applications for up to 8 cognate credits to be included as part of the total credits in the major. The Department only considers courses with an obvious connection to sociology (e.g. Sociology is in the course title, the course is offered in a Sociology Department at an accredited college or university, etc.). The Department cannot accept cognate credit applications for core courses offered in the curriculum, including Contemporary Sociological Theory and Empirical Methods of Investigation. An application itself does not guarantee acceptance. writing and research sections.

Campus Resources

Can't find preregistration information? Need to schedule an appointment with the Writing, Reading, and Speaking Center?

You know that list of all available courses is around here somewhere — just take a look at our campus resources section and you'll find links to those useful registration and course planning forms as well as various other campus resources of which you can avail.

Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement

Read the Black Lives Matter Solidarity Statement from the Department of Sociology faculty.

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