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Financial Aid Without Loans

Less Debt. More Discovery.

You’ll graduate with less debt, thanks to Grinnell’s no-loan policy for students with financial need.

Imagine yourself a few years from now, walking across the stage in cap and gown at Grinnell College commencement. Check out that big smile on your face.

Your smile can be even bigger, thanks to Grinnell’s no-loan policy, which replaces loans with scholarships in financial aid packages for students with financial need. With this policy, you can be one of the many Grinnell students who graduate debt-free (although some may choose to borrow as part of their family’s financing plan).

Making a Grinnell Education Accessible

Grinnell is one of only about 15 colleges and universities among more than 4,000 in the United States that have eliminated loans for students with financial need. This no-loan policy is one of several programs that, taken together, make Grinnell the “gold standard” of financial accessibility:

  • When you apply for admission, Grinnell doesn’t consider your ability to pay — that’s what we call need-blind admission.*
  • Grinnell meets 100% of your demonstrated financial need.
  • Grinnell does not include loans in financial aid packages.
  • Standardized tests (ACT and SAT) are optional for applicants.

We’re strongly committed to providing equal access to education, regardless of financial status.

Graduate Debt-Free

Fewer than 10 colleges and universities nationwide have adopted all four of these policies — and Grinnell is one of them.

We’ve been listening to the concerns of students and families, and excessive debt burdens for new graduates is near the top of the list. Our no-loan initiative helps address these concerns by allowing students to take their next steps after graduation without the burdens and limitations that student loan debt can bring. We’re strongly committed to providing equal access to education, regardless of financial status.

Grinnell’s no-loan policy can change your life for the better — check us out. You, too, can enjoy the transformative experience of a Grinnell liberal arts education.

* For U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

Beck Lambert ‘25

Grinnell encouraged me to apply through Early Decision, which I did knowing if I got in, I would be able to afford it. I turned down a number of equally prestigious institutions with the deciding factor of affordability. While Grinnell aligned with my morals and vision, the price was truly the factor that weighed the most on my mind. I was willing to sacrifice just about anything if it meant that college would be attainable for me without forcing myself to go into debt.

Beck Lambert ’25

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