Students sit in chairs in an East Campus dorm foyer

Videos: Student Voices

What is a Grinnellian?

Difficult to define, yet easy to become a part of, the Grinnell community is welcoming and diverse. We are comprised of the curious, the virtuous, the quirky, and the inspired. We are passionate in our beliefs and insatiable in our quest for knowledge. We are a community of remarkable and beautiful contradictions — fiercely independent, but equally connected and committed to each other and the world around us; in search of individual purpose and meaning, and dedicated to using our knowledge and skills for the greater good. 

Grinnellians embrace both mind and spirit in our pursuit of knowledge and experiences that help us navigate and shape an ever-changing world. Listen below to some of our students discussing their experiences in their own words.

Cinthia Romo (video still)

What's So Special About Grinnell College?

"Students are very intentional in choosing to come to Grinnell College--that adds to a very bright, a very vibrant and inclusive community."

Malcolm David '21 in still from student video

Creating My Own Path

“This open space, this flexibility that Grinnell has in the curriculum, in the offerings to students, to ensure this broad, balanced variety of classes . . . I think that it really changed the trajectory of my academic experience--what I thought that would look like, and what it has come to be."

Megan Tcheng in still from student video

Never a Dull Moment

“Students support each others' interests because we all came here because we are passionate about something or we're searching for those passions.”

Mithila Iyer still image from video

Discover Your Interests

"It is revisiting the past in a way, but now with all the skills and nuances that I've acquired." Mithila Iyer '19 shares her first year tutorial experience and how it changed her trajectory at Grinnell.

Nolan Bogess, still photo from video

The Value of Research

"When I came to college I thought research was, you know, a lab coat, and test tubes with goggles on in a chemistry lab. Then I realized from my time here that research is so much more than that."

Zach Steinberg in fitness center

Learning Across the Globe

"You need that chance to experience something different." Zach Steinberg '20 talks about the importance of a study abroad program and how it helps students get a more well-rounded education.

Pieter Hansen in the fieldhouse

Grinnell Will Make That Happen

"Because Grinnell allows you to pursue all these different academic interests in a new setting, that you've always wanted to, and backs it up financially, that's why you see such a high percentage of students take advantage." Pieter Hansen ’19 talks about his experience abroad and why off-campus study is so common at Grinnell.

Ahon Gupta in Bucksbaum Atrium

Home Away From Home

"They have helped me get adjusted, not only to Grinnell, Iowa but the U.S. in general." Ahon Gooptu, class of 2021, talks about the special bond that is created with Grinnell international students and their host families.

Nat Jordan at Rosenbloom Field

A Common Understanding

"That freedom to choose what class you're in creates a classroom environment in which every student is engaged, every student is participating." Nat Jordan '21 shares why the individually advised curriculum at Grinnell is so critical to classroom engagement.

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