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Individualized Academics

Michael Chovanak '22, Computer Science major from Redmond, WA smiles at the camera while sitting in a chair. There are glass walls and lounge chairs to the back of him.

Individually Advised Learning

Take Charge of Your Education

At Grinnell, research isn't just for the fortunate: “You’re really in charge of your learning and you get to take out of college whatever you want,” says Kayla Figatner ’22. Map out your own academic path with Grinnell's inquiry-led curriculum and guidance from a faculty advisor who knows you well.

Lex Baumann, Political Science major from St.Charles, IL looks into the camera in a college study area. There are chairs, lamps, and a glass wall that reveals the rest of the building.

Classroom Experiences

Explore Your Interests through Class and Research

Many classes at Grinnell are discussion-based and can flex to include areas of student interests. With only 10 students in her program, Lex Baumann ’22 says “it was really interesting to watch each other grow in the courses that we took.”

Claire Davis '22, Music and Dance major from Saint Paul, MN sits in a study space and looks forward at the camera. She's wearing a white collared shirt. To the back of her are lounge chairs and a blue billboard.

Fine Arts

The Arts are for Everyone

At Grinnell, students can take advantage of talented faculty and top-notch facilities in the fine arts. “Grinnell wants to make sure that if you’re passionate about something; then you have the opportunity to engage in it,” says Spencer Clark ’23.

Declan O'Reilly '22, Music and Economics major from Wilmette, IL sits in a reading room in the humanities building on campus. He faces the camera. There are many tables with reading lamps behind him.

Intellectual Community

Join a Challenging, Supportive Community

At Grinnell, your peers will be some of the best student scholars from around the world. But that doesn't mean that it’s cutthroat — Grinnell’s faculty are accessible and dedicated to teaching, and students here challenge each other and experience challenging situations together rather than apart.

Catherine Stone '22, Biology major from Rapid City, SD, sits in a reading room in the humanities building. To the back of her are many reading tables and reading lamps lit.

Student Voices

Small Town, Big Voices

“You really get a voice and get to know your professors,” Kayla Figatner ’22 says. The small classes allow faculty members to get to know you well and to understand your priorities and aspirations, and the policy of self-governance means students play a role at almost every level.


Careers, Life, & Service

Jillian Peterson '03, Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Hamline University, sits in a reading room in the humanities building. There are many reading tables and well-lit reading lamps behind her.

Alumni Stories

Small College. Global Impact.

Ki Harris ’14, who is now executive director of the Freedom Network Project, says that the powerful academic and social experiences he had at Grinnell gave him skills to work for a better world. “It’s a small school. We have a really close-knit community. But it has a huge footprint and ripple effect,” says Sarah Burnell ’14.

Loyal Terry '23, a Political Science and Sociology major from Los Angeles, CA, sits in a student study space in the humanities building. There are lounge chairs, well-lit lamps, and a glass window behind him that reveals the building hallways.

Becoming a Change Agent

Be the Person You’ve Always Wanted to Be

“You change as a person. Grinnell allows you to blossom into that leader, into that change agent that you’ve always wanted to become but maybe didn’t know that you were capable of being,” says Loyal Terry ’23. You’ll want to stay open to new ideas and new interests as you discover more about yourself.

Zainab Thompson '22, Psychology major from Dallas, GA, sits in one of the student study spaces in the humanities building. Behind them are lounge chairs, well-lit lamps, and a glass window that reveals the hallways of the humanities building.

Career Exploration

What’s Your Best Fit? We’ll Help You Figure It Out

Not sure which career is right for you? No need to choose just one in your first two years of college — you can try out more than one option as you learn more about career options through hands-on experiences. Along the way, your Careers, Life, and Service advisor will help you discover how your interests and passions converge and connect.

Tom Henehan '21, Economics and History major from La Grange, IL, sits in one of the study spaces in the humanities building. Behind him are lounge chairs, well-lit lamps, and a glass window that reveals the hallways of the humanities building.


If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

“Everybody here truly wants you to do well,” Loyal Terry ’23 says. Your advisor at Grinnell’s Center for Careers, Life, and Service can help you land the perfect internship or work experience, giving you access to exciting internships and other opportunities that align with your career goals.



Campus & Community

Emma Schaefer '21, Multimedia Storytelling Independent major from Niwot, CO, sits in a well-lit student study space. Behind her are wide windows that reveal a bright and green campus.

Beyond Campus

Exploring Small-Town Iowa

Grinnell College is nestled in the middle of a unique small town by the same name that offers a wealth of options worth discovering. An old-school movie theatre, cafes and restaurants, coffee shops and music venues — Grinnell the town offers something for everyone.

Nick El Hajj '24, Political Science and Economics Major from Beirut, Lebanon, sits in a student study space looking forward at the camera. In the background are lounge chairs, an antique desk with pottery, and a piece of art on the walls.

Creating Belonging

At Grinnell, You’re More Than a Number

Nick El Hajj ’24 didn’t want to get lost in the crowd at college. Through participation in Grinnell’s many student clubs and activities, he has been able to voice his opinions and work for change with thoughtful, active people. “You’re really a part of that community — you’re really at home,” El Hajj says.

Bethany Willig '23, Music major from Boston, MA looks at the camera and sits in a well-lit student study space with wide open windows. Behind them are bookshelves and chairs that face each other.

Exploring Your Identity

Pursuing Research and Activism

Using the flexibility of Grinnell’s curriculum, Bethany Willig ’22 was able to make research opportunities at Grinnell work for their interests. Inspired by the support they've gotten from their professors, Willig dreams of becoming a professor and making an impact on the world. “I’ve been really thankful for those connections I’ve made.”

Jordon Maurice Ryan '24, an English and Music major from St. Louis, MO and a member of the Men's Basketball team, speaks to the camera. Behind him are multiple art displays, some from Black artists, from the Grinnell Museum of Art.

Finding Your Place

Build Your Community

“As long as you stay open to new ideas and new perspectives, you will find your sense of belonging at Grinnell.” Jordan Maurice Ryan ’24 found his place and his sense of belonging on the men’s basketball team, as well as in Men of Color, a Black men’s student group at Grinnell. “It’s truly a brotherhood. We’re really connected.”

Chaz Del Mar '22, a Philosophy major from Harvest, AL, sits in a well-lit room and warmly talks to the camera. Behind him are three chairs that face each other, a bookshelf with pottery on top, and an art piece.

Residential Life

Campus Life — Your Way

Grinnell is a small residential liberal arts college, which means most students live on campus in a tight-knit, supportive community. Many students live in Grinnell’s residence halls, each of which has a unique character and different room configurations to choose from, and other students choose to live in project houses that bring together people with a shared interest, such as a language or hobby.

Nina Kouchi '22, Computer Science major from Charlotte, NC, sits inside one of the reading rooms inside the humanities building and faces the camera. Behind her are many well-lit reading lamps and wooden reading desks for students.

Student Activities

Get involved

You might think there’s not much happening at a small college in a small town in the middle of Iowa. Look closer — that couldn’t be further from the truth. Student creativity drives much of the activity on campus, including concerts, lecture series, locally directed film festivals, intramurals, and a club for every interest. You can even create your own club if it doesn’t already exist.

Global Grinnell

Trinisa Fung '23, a Psychology and Sociology major from Tomball, TX, sits in a well-lit room and looks at the camera. Behind her are wooden chairs and lounge chairs that face each other, a bookshelf, and a piece of art in the wall.

Global Opportunities

Off-Campus Study

Grinnell offers help and support for you as you think about your interests and which off-campus study opportunities appeal to you the most. You might choose to spend a semester at another college or university, or you can enroll in a thematic program that reflects your passions. Whether it’s a semester at sea or an internship in London, Grinnell provides the resources and support to make it happen.

Ascher Walker Wilson '23, a Religious Studies major from Asheville, NC, talks to the camera. Behind him are multiple art displays from the Grinnell College Museum of Art.

Institute for Global Engagement

Global Learning Opportunities

Grinnell’s Institute for Global Engagement will help you connect your interests to rich, relevant study abroad and global learning opportunities. This kind of engagement is at the heart of a liberal arts education — you’ll gain hands-on experience and learn how to apply it in ways that are meaningful to you and to the world you inhabit.

Rachel Arkell '22, a French major with a Linguistics concentration from Winchester, England, looks at the camera. To the back of her is a lamp in her right and a trio of chairs that face the potted plant in the middle to her left.

International Students

A Curriculum of Discovery

International students who come to Grinnell encounter a broader, richer liberal arts curriculum that allows them to pursue many interests while still completing a major in an area of specialization. Students can find out more about themselves and their passions in life, while also learning to ask questions and think analytically about the answers — in short, to become a student of the liberal arts.

Justina Lee '22, Russian and Sociology major from Valencia, CA, sits in one of the study spaces on campus. Behind her are well-lit lamps, lounge chairs, and a glass window that reveals the humanities building's hallways.

Off-Campus Study

Engage with the World

Grinnell makes it possible for you to combine the cultural growth that comes through travel with meaningful educational experiences and even hands-on internships to help prepare you for a future career. You can shape your off-campus study to fit your needs, whether it’s a semester, a summer, or part of a class — the world is your classroom.



Athletics & Wellness

Sarah Burnell '14, Head Men's and Women's Cross Country and Assistant Professor of Physical Education, looks at the camera. Behind her are multiple art displays from Grinnell's Museum of Art.

Coaches & Mentors

Find Yourself Here

Grinnell coaches are also faculty members. They understand how athletics can balance mind and body to help you stay grounded. Grinnell offers a community where athletes of all skill levels — even if your focus is recreation or wellness — can find their place.

Daniel Snyder '22, Political Science and Psychology major from Statesville, NC and a member of Men's Track & Field and Cross Country, stands and looks at the camera. Behind him are multiple art displays from Grinnell's Museum of Art.

Finding Your Balance

Being Yourself and Having Fun

Daniel Snyder ’22 says he might start out the day working on a project for a class; later, when it’s time for cross country practice, he can focus on being an athlete. “Being able to do so many different things in one day is great,” he says. At Grinnell, you can explore all aspects of yourself — student, athlete, activist, social butterfly — you name it, and you can do it.

Chaz Del Mar '22, Philosophy major from Harvest, AL, sit in a well-lit student study space. Behind him are lounge chairs, a desk with pottery, and an art piece that reflects one of the lights.

Intramural & Club Sports

Sport for the Fun of It

If you love a sport but for whatever reason don’t want to join a varsity team, intramurals could be perfect for you. Intramural sports at Grinnell include water polo, ultimate Frisbee, and more. And everyone at Grinnell — even if you’re not a member of any team — can use the College’s top-notch athletic facilities.

Spencer Clark '23, Anthropology and English major from Bettendorf, IA and a member of Men's Swimming & Diving Team, looks at the camera. Behind him are multiple art pieces from Grinnell College's Museum of Art.

Varsity Sports

A Community of Athletes

At Grinnell, a student-athlete is a student first, then an athlete. If you choose to become a Grinnell student-athlete, you’ll be part of a community that’s all about teamwork, shared experiences, and love of sport. But if you need extra time to focus on your studies — no problem.

Emma Schaefer '23, Multimedia Storytelling Independent Major from Niwot, CO, sits in a well-lit room and faces the camera as her hand moves with her words. To the back of her are wide windows that reveal a green and bright campus.


Stay Well

Finding time for what makes your soul happy is a vital part of the Grinnell experience. Whatever wellness means for you — whether it’s a bike ride, photography, rock climbing, swing dance, or something else — you can explore it here.


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