students in central campus

After Grinnell

  1. Anneke Walker Nagao ’87 selfie

    Her Perfect Advice

    Jan 10, 2019
    “From the minute I was first introduced to Japanese in elementary school, my life changed,” says Anneke Walker Nagao ’87. “My whole life revolves around that moment.”
  2. Tor Erickson ’01 and Isabella Kugel ’20 stand in front of wood slabs that were made into a desk that now greets visitors in the new Admission and Student Financial Services center.

    No Room for Error

    Jan 03, 2019
    From flowering crabapples to sycamores, birches, and firs, the trees dotting Grinnell’s campus have served as familiar landmarks — as well as beloved spots to climb, make art, and meet for class — for generations of Grinnell students.
  3. Human and Wildlife Trafficking

    Jun 27, 2018
    People are sometimes surprised to learn that Steven Galster ’84 works equally hard to protect both humans and animals.
  4. A Pioneering Doctor

    Jun 27, 2018
    In the late 1960s, when the future president of the American Medical Association expressed an interest in medicine, her high school guidance counselor advised her that women don’t go to medical school. Today Dr. Barbara McAneny ’73 is a nationally recognized leader in oncology treatment, and this June begins her term as president of the AMA, the fourth woman president and the first president from New Mexico.
  5. Start, Scale, Sell

    Jun 25, 2018
    The entrepreneurial journey in three easy steps
  6. Taking Interns Seriously

    Jun 25, 2018
    ACLU lawyer Amy Miller ’93 helps passionate advocates forge their own paths
  7. Street-Based Sex Work

    Mar 22, 2018

    A biology and religious studies double-major at Grinnell College, Katie Hail-Jares ’07 looks back on Professor Tammy Nyden’s Philosophy of Science class as…

  8. The Running Man

    Mar 22, 2018

    Barry Matchett ’94, director of external affairs for NRG Energy, a power generation company, is running campaigns to promote clean energy development. He also campaigns for…

  9. Uncompromising Journalism

    Mar 22, 2018

    Jeanne Pinder ’75 has been steeped in journalism all her life. The Grinnell native honed her craft over the years with the Grinnell Herald-Register (which her grandfather…

  10. Full Effort

    Mar 21, 2018

    Madeleine Pesch ’16 likes to joke that she would never have found Grinnell if it weren’t for the “amazing pool” she first saw in a swimming-and-diving brochure. She went on…