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Experiential Learning

  1. Group Picture of the students attending White Privilege Conference in 2017

    Grinnell Students Explore the Complexities of White Privilege

    Nov 12, 2018

    White privilege is an invisible and transparent preference that is often difficult to have a conversation about, much less challenge. Yet, for…

  2. Group Picture of the students attending Tapia Conference in 2017

    Grinnell Students Attend Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference

    Nov 12, 2018

    Computing is defining the current Digital Age and has the power to change the future. Ensuring that individuals from different backgrounds are able to contribute to the field fosters the exchange…

  3. Leadership Institute Provides Transformative Experience for Grinnell Students

    Jul 09, 2018
    35 Grinnell students redefine their concept of leadership, create ambitious and high-impact visions and develop “a healthy disregard for the impossible,” while attending a six-day nationally recognized leadership immersion experience hosted by LeaderShape in collaboration with the Wilson Center for Innovation and Leadership and Student Affairs.
  4. Grinnellians at Women in Economics Symposium 2018

    Economics Symposium Showcases Female Leaders in the Field

    Apr 19, 2018
    “It is important that young women who are pursuing degrees in economics hear from women in the field about opportunities and challenges,” said Mary Suiter, the St. Louis Fed’s economic education officer and an assistant vice president. “And it is crucial that these young women bring their perspectives, ideas, and talents to a profession that is still largely dominated by men.”
  5. Grinnell College Student Attends the 2018 NCAA Convention

    Apr 18, 2018
    The Division III forum of the convention touched on themes related to ethics and athletics, enrollment management, and a review of legislative proposals such as rules regarding academic misconduct and legislated sanctions associated with sports wagering.
  6. Megan Goering '08: Human Centered Design as a Tool for Social Impact

    Apr 18, 2018
    Human-centered design (HCD) – a design and management framework that develops solutions to problems by involving the human perspective in all steps of the problem-solving process – is becoming an increasingly popular approach for companies to create products that resonate more deeply with their intended users.
  7. Grinnell College Students Attend the National Society of Black Physicists Conference

    Feb 21, 2018
    Grinnellians attend the largest academic meeting of minority physicists in the United States.
  8. Grinnell College Student Attends Conference on LGBT Issues & Carleton College's Gender & Sexuality Center

    Feb 21, 2018
    Ric Tennenbaum ’18, coordinator of the Stonewall Resource Center attenedd the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference (MOOC) at the LGBT Center at Minnesota State University.
  9. Grinnell College Students Reflect on Leadership and Self-Governance

    Feb 14, 2018

    One of the distinctive features of a Grinnell education is its tradition of self-governance, a concept aimed at allowing students to take accountability for their actions. At its core, self…

  10. Grinnell College Student Attends the Project Pengyou Leadership Summit at Harvard

    Dec 15, 2017

    Widely differing customs, language and culture have created atmospheres for xenophobia to be a part of both American and Chinese society. The Project Pengyou Leadership Summit is helping to…