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Research Professor Mobley's research interests involve the application of physical organic techniques to organometallic compounds. His current research involves the synthesis of transition metal stannylenes with particular interest in the synthesis of a novel class of these molecules in which the tin-transition metal bond shows evidence of multiple bond character. These molecules may show nucleophilic behavior at the tin atom as compared to previously made stannylenes which have an electrophilic tin atom. One of the primary techniques used in Professor Mobley's research is Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy, which is an ongoing interest for him. Mobley Summer 2013 Research Description

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(641) 269-4543
(641) 269-4984


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On-Campus Address: 
2606 Science
Grinnell, IA
United States
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Off Campus 2013/2014
Education / Degrees: 
Ph. D. in Chemistry (1996) with Robert G. Bergman at the University of California-Berkeley B. A. in Chemistry (1991) at Carleton College
Courses Taught: 
CHM 129 General Chemistry CHM 210 Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry CHM 221 Organic Chemistry I CHM 222 Organic Chemistry II CHM 325 Advanced Organic Chemistry TUTORIAL "From Supermodels to Molecules to Heavenly Bodies: How Theoretical Models Influence Both Our Everyday and Our Intellectual Lives"
Primary Academic Interest: 
The application of physical organic techniques to organometallic compounds
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