Campus Phones

Emergency Procedures

In the case of an emergency, in which an ambulance, law enforcement, or the fire department are needed, Dial 9-1-1 to reach the Poweshiek County Sheriff's Department. Be prepared to give your location on campus, including the building name, floor number and room number and/or the address. Do not hang up until instructed to do so. You will be asked for your name and the nature of your call. The nature of the emergency will determine how the call is dispatched. While the call is being dispatched, you may hear tones on your phone. Do not be alarmed - this is normal and indicates the call is being dispatched to the appropriate receiver.

Non-emergency Procedures

For non-emergencies, dial 7 + 236-2650 to reach the Grinnell Police Department. For Campus Security dial extension 4600.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Dialing Instructions

On-campus: Dial the 4-digit extension. Off-campus (Local calls): Dial 7 + 7-digit number.

Authorization Code Dialing Procedure

College telephones are programmed with various service features. All stations are programmed for on-campus and emergency 9-1-1 access. Your telephone may require the use of a five-digit authorization code for direct-dial long distance. The procedure for using an authorization code is as follows: 1. Lift handset 2. Press # key twice 3. Enter five-digit authorization code 4. Hear dial tone 5. Dial 7 + 1 + area code and number (or 7 + 011 + number for international calls)

Calling Cards or Personal Calling Plans

Windstream Iowa Communications and Qwest are the default telephone service providers for Grinnell College. For alternative operator or calling card service, dial 7 + 1 and the 800- or 950- access number, or 7 + the 7-digit equal access carrier code (1010XXX) + 0, according to your carrier's instructions. To reach the local Windstream operator, dial 7 + 0. To reach an AT&T operator, dial 7 + 00. You should expect a 10-15 second wait for a ring back tone when using an operator service.

Dialing in to Campus Phones

Most college telephones (faculty and administrative office telephones) may be dialed directly from off campus locations, but some are restricted (public phones in college residential housing and academic building areas).

Obtaining Information by Phone

The Grinnell College general information line (641-269-4000) is attended 24 hours a day.

Telephone Service Issues

The college owns and operates its own telephone switchboard. Please call the college operator (dial 0) during business hours if you require assistance with college telephone service. Do not call the local phone company for college telephone service. You may contact  the ITS Office at ext. 9990 to report telephone-related problems.

Authorization Code Protection

Guard your authorization code number as you would a credit card number. You are responsible for long distance calls charged to your authorization code. Contact the ITS Office immediately at ext. 9990 if your authorization code is lost or stolen.


Making threatening, obscene, or nuisance calls is a violation of Grinnell College policy and of Iowa law. If you receive a threatening call, report it immediately to Campus Security at ext. 4600. If you refrain from providing information to the caller and/or hang up on obscene or nuisance calls, it may deter repeat calls. If harassing calls continue, contact Campus Security at ext. 4600. When possible, keep a record of the call which includes your phone number, the date, the time and approximate length of the call, and any other information that may be useful.


Under Grinnell College policy and Iowa and federal laws, severe penalties may be imposed for use of false or unauthorized credit cards, calling cards or telephone numbers when making long distance telephone calls and for use of any fraudulent device or method of making such calls.

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