Final Exam Schedule

Fall 2022 Exam Overview

Friday, Dec. 9 Second Semester Classes End
Saturday, Dec. 10 Reading Day
Sunday, Dec. 11 Reading Day
Monday, Dec. 12 Reading Day
Tuesday, Dec. 13 to Friday, Dec. 16 Final Exams
Friday, Dec. 16 5 p.m. All Work Due To Instructors
Tuesday, Dec. 27 Final Grades Due From Instructors (noon)

Exam Times

Each semester Grinnell College has four days of exams (Tuesday through Friday).

Each day has two exam times:

  • 9 a.m. to noon
  • 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Monday is a reading day and no exam may be scheduled on this day under any circumstances.

Exam Changes and Conflicts

College policy stipulates that neither students nor faculty members may make changes in the published examination schedule without prior approval of the Registrar.

If a student has two exams scheduled at the same hour, such conflicts should be resolved by discussion with the appropriate instructor. If a student has two exams in the same day, they should not expect the faculty to reschedule their exam.

Arranged Class Times

Examinations for students in classes meeting at arranged hours will be during the final exam week at the time assigned to the time slot during which the arranged course met.

Last Possible Due Date for All Work

All take-home exams must be submitted to the appropriate instructors by the date stipulated by the instructors, or, at the latest, by 5 p.m. on the final day of the exam period (Dec. 16). All other written work, or oral defenses of written work, required in various courses will also be due by 5 p.m. on Dec. 16, but instructors may also stipulate earlier due dates for this work if they so choose.

Students who have justifiable reasons for submitting course work later than the deadline stipulated are expected to work out arrangements for grades of Incomplete and extensions of time with their instructors, in accordance with the procedure for doing so as set forth in the Student Handbook. No grade of incomplete will be processed by the Registrar’s Office if the Registrar has not granted prior approval.

Fall 2022 Final Exam Meeting Times

  Tues., Dec. 13 Wed., Dec. 14 Thur., Dec. 15 Fri., Dec. 16
9 a.m.–Noon

MWF 9:00–9:50
MWF 8:00–10:50
MWF 9:00–11:50

MWF 11:00–11:50


MWF 8:00–8:50
MWF 8:30–9:50
MWF 8:00–9:50

MWF 10:00–10:50
MWF 10:00–11:20
MWF 10:00–11:50

2–5 p.m.

TR 1:00–2:20
TR 1:00–3:50
TR 2:00–3:50
TR 2:30–3:50


MWF 1:00–1:50
MWF 1:00–2:20
MWF 1:00–3:50

TR 8:00–9:50
TR 8:00–10:50
TR 8:30–9:50
T    9:00–11:50
TR 10:00–10:50
T    10:00–11:50
M   7:00–9:50
MWF 2:00–2:50
MWF 2:30–3:50
MWF 2:00–3:50
MWF 3:00–3:50

Grading Deadlines

Instructors will be expected to submit final grades for all students to the Registrar by noon on Tuesday, Dec. 27. It is imperative that you plan your time accordingly because the Registrar’s Office must have all grades processed and all problems solved in order to produce a low grade docket for the Committee on Academic Standing.

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