For Employees

Over the past many years, Grinnell has made great progress in providing an accessible and supportive environment for students, faculty, and staff. Each of us has a role in continuing that improvement, and many of us have benefited from them as well.

The ADA coordinator, Autumn Wilke, is responsible for employee accommodations at Grinnell. Grinnell is an equal opportunity employer.


See Grinnell's College Policies for policies relating to nondiscrimination, disabilities, privacy, and confidentiality, among others.

Requesting Accommodations

If you are:

Refer to the Staff Handbook (login required), Appendix III, for policies regarding accommodations for employees of the College, also shown below:

Additional Accommodations

Please see the following for additional information about accommodations available to employees:

In addition, the campus has an accessible van.

Providing Accommodations/Accessible Services

For Documents and Media

If you produce media — such as documents, spreadsheets, or pdfs — you need to make them accessible. If you need training, review these courses. Grinnell College offers accounts for students, faculty, and staff.

For guidance on making your videos and audio accessible, contact:

For Events

If you are hosting an event, see the Event Planner's Accessibility Checklist (located under the "College Calendar" section) for important information on what you're responsible for doing and providing, and how to do so effectively.

Also see the resources under "For Personal Interactions" below.

For Personal Interactions