Whether you want to connect with on-campus, student-run religious and spiritual organizations, worship communities in town, or religious staff members for conversation or counseling, the Center for Religion, Spirituality, and Social Justice helps you engage with Grinnell’s diverse spiritual community. Designed to foster interfaith dialogue and support many religious traditions, the center promotes local and global social justice through regular community meals, service opportunities, and other activities.




​Mohamad W. Khan, executive director of the Muslim Community Organization/Masjid An-Noor Mosque in Des Moines, will speak on the impact of President Trump's policies and values on Des Moines's and Iowa's Muslim population.

The Chaplain's office is sponsoring an Ash Wednesday Service of the Word at 12:10 p.m. Wednesday, March 1, 2017, in Herrick Chapel.

Deanna Shorb will be preaching, and ashes will be available for those who wish to receive them. ​