SHAW Black Lives Matter Statement

We want to make it impeccably clear that our staff here at the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHAW) stands in solidarity with black people. All lives will not matter until Black Lives Matter

The SHAW team remains troubled about racial and cultural inequalities in our communities, in our country, and in the health care system in our nation, impacting life outcomes across the life span. We stand with all the families, friends, and communities who have lost loved ones senselessly due to racism. Ever increasing lives lost to the coronavirus pandemic enigmatically by Black and Brown communities only adds gasoline to the fire of injustice and inequality.

We know that the global protests in support of Black lives are essential to motivation of systemic change. At the same time, we acknowledge that witnessing police brutality against protesters and Black people in the news or social media can be overwhelming, confusing, and traumatizing. We are also aware that engaging in uncomfortable conversations about race, social justice, and bringing equality to the foreground can lead to witnessing trusted friends, peers, family, and colleagues as having problematic or racist interpretations.

As part of health and wellness services available to you, our staff counselors are ready to offer our support throughout these challenging times. We also understand if you would prefer a BIPOC (black/ indigenous/ people of color) clinician with whom to discuss these issues. We are happy to help guide to you to a variety of services and clinicians, on and off campus as well as virtually. Here is more information on how to get in touch with a mental health provider.

We know Grinnell values being a learning environment, and in line with that value we hope everyone on our campus is open to learning more about multicultural mental health needs, histories, successes, and practices in our communities. We also recognize the important support and healing that can occur through the practice of multicultural counseling. Here is a list of Black mental health resources online, and another with resources for self-care and mental health.

Everyone here at SHAW values and supports all members of our campus community. We are here to listen without judgment if you have questions or concerns about what these protests mean and your emotional response to them, regardless of who you are. This is a journey we are all traveling together, and we can help each other learn and cultivate an inclusive environment.

All lives will not matter until Black Lives Matter.

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