Maker Lab

The Maker Lab is a space with a diverse set of tools that enable individuals and groups to exercise their creativity, practice a craft, or prototype a product. The space offers training and workshops on design and fabrication (digital, woodwork, and metalwork), supports co-curricular student maker groups, and supports faculty curricular interests in the arts and sciences.

The lab is a collaboration between the Wilson Center and the Grinnell Area Arts Council. It brings diverse members of the college and community together for integrative project-based and experiential learning through design and fabrication. In addition to learning specific technical skills, it enhances the type of creativity, critical thinking, integrative learning, and teamwork that are at the core of the liberal arts, and that serve as critical skills in innovation and leadership.

For additional information on the space, its location, the tools available, the hours, scheduled workshops, etc., please visit the Maker Lab website.