View of east and north campus

Grinnell 101

Let us show you around.

screenshot from virtual tour of Grinnell

Campus Tour

Join current students Elizabeth Collinger ’21, Malia Wells ’21, and Wagih Henawi ’22 on a photo tour of Grinnell College.

Screenshot of general information session student speaking.

General Information Session

Admission staff member Grace Lloyd ’16 and students Cinthia Romo ’21 and Seth Bartusek ’21 answer all your questions about Grinnell.

Screenshot of Grinnellians Maddy and Ayyad.

Memories and Stories of Grinnell

Grinnellians Maddy Smith ’20 and Ayyad Jacob ’20 share some of their favorite experiences and stories from their time on campus.

Sesión informativa de Grinnell College para los que hablan español

Spanish Information Session Screenshot
Escuche la sesión informativa de Grinnell College en español, presentada por la Sra. Patty Amador-Lacson, directora asociada de admisión.
Listen to a Grinnell College information session in Spanish, presented by Patty Amador-Lacson, associate director of admission.


China Information Session Screenshot
格林内尔大学中文信息通报会, 报告人: Alex Sun 孙士达 (2023级学生, 历史和人类学双专业)
Listen to Grinnell College's information session in Chinese, as presented by Alex Sun '23, a history and anthropology double major.

Just hit “play.”

Enjoy several additional videos in our video viewbook.
image preview of video, displaying student talking to camera

Student Voices

"You get to be included in event planning, major recruiting, and you also get to interview potential professors... You really get a voice."

image preview of video, displaying student talking to camera

Creating Belonging

“You’re really a part of the community — you’re really at home.”

image preview of video, displaying student talking to camera

Global Opportunities

"You'll have an individualized adviser who will get to know you, your interests, what you want out of your four-year education at Grinnell — whether you want to partake in off-campus study and go abroad..."

Hear from Grinnellians, past and present.

Screenshot of alumni panel

Panel with Alumni

Listen to Amul Gyawali ’15, Gargi Magar ’17, Strax Matejic ’17, Michael Owusu ’17, and Samantha Schoenberger ’17 as they talk about their time as students at Grinnell, and what they are up to now as alums.

Screenshot of student panel

Q&A with Current Students

Watch the recording of Ryuta Kure ’21, Elizabeth Collinger ’21, Olivia (Liv) Woolam ’21, and Eva Román Aguilera ’22 answering questions from prospective students about life and more at Grinnell.

Diversity Panel screenshot.

What's it really like to be a “diverse” student at Grinnell?

Diverse currently enrolled students Ahon Gooptu ’21, Cameron Leung ’22, Chaz Del Mar ’22, Cinthia Romo ’21, Dean Burrell ’22, and Gil Perez ’21 share how their college experience has been so far.

Consider pressing issues with Grinnell professors.

Screenshot from "How we recover from COVID-19" YouTube video

How We Recover From COVID-19

Karla Erickson, a sociologist, and Eric Ohrn, an economist, discuss how their disciplines shape their approach to the question of how the U.S. recovers from COVID-19.

Screenshot from Amanda Gorman panel

Amanda Gorman and the Civic Imagination

Lakesia Johnson and Dean Bakopoulos, both of Grinnell’s English department, consider Amanda Gorman’s newfound role in the civic imagination of the U.S. through a discussion of her inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb.”

A student doing research at the Conard Environment Research Area (CERA).

Sustainability at Grinnell

Cori Jakubiak, Liz Queathem, and Lee Sharpe share their thoughts on sustainability efforts at Grinnell and how students can support that work through coursework, research, and their own daily practice.

Watch our professors in action.

Mark Laver

Music with Professor Mark Laver

Learn about jazz composer Duke Ellington and more. 

Want to keep learning about music with Mark Laver? Check out his lecture on American classical music and the music of New Orleans next!

Josh Sandquist

Biology with Professor Josh Sandquist

Learn about cortical rotation and more.

Sarah Purcell Grinnell

History with Professor Sarah Purcell

Learn about the election of 1800 and more.

Want to keep learning about history from Sarah Purcell? Check out her lecture on the rise of party politics.

Eat, live, learn.

The Marketplace Dining Hall

Your Dining Options

A community gathering space with globally-inspired and award-winning dining, our Marketplace Dining Hall offers a depth and variety of food choices to keep you satisfied. Our menu also accommodates all dietary needs. Learn what eating in our dining hall is like from current students. 

Eco House Students Hanging Out

Living on Campus

In addition to providing a safe and comfortable living space, the residence halls at Grinnell College foster a strong sense of community. Within these halls, you’ll learn to practice self-governance, a policy of living and working well with others to promote an inclusive and healthy environment.

Students in Herrick Chapel

Finding Your People

Moving to a new home and starting a new chapter of your life can be challenging. At Grinnell, we thrive on individuality, diverse perspectives, and fostering a community that is welcoming to all. As you settle into our campus, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with others, whether through the classroom, more than 150 student organizations, or at campus events and parties that are free of charge and open to all.  

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